Parish Council Do not fly sign

Hi, I went to a local park today, this is an area that has a rugby and football field for local clubs. It’s also a favourite place for dog walkers.
So I picked today when it was very quiet. I even spoke to two dog owners that didn’t know too much about drones, basically me a few weeks ago.

I check the area, checked the online CAA map to make sure it wasn’t a no RFZ, all clear.

Took it up, no issues. Anyway, I met a family friend that advised drones and other remote aircraft are not permitted. The sign is not in an obvious place and hard to see at distance.

Does this mean I cannot take off and land here, but I could legally fly over? The sign doesn’t look very official!!

I should have searched here first, I found this when looking this up with Google, sorry…

The sign should refer to the relevant (which there wont be one) byelaw.

Looks like someone has had a go at the bottom right screw, undo the rest and dispose of responsibly (littering is an offence)


And just to add, if you look up Stroud District Council foi requested by GADC on DroneScene they have no Byelwas in place


Based on the good info above from @milkmanchris, I would ignore the sign and fly responsibly there.

I’d probably avoid busy times (if there are any) and just enjoy yourself.

If someone asks you to stop flying, try to ascertain if they have any authority to do so (they won’t have) and decide if you want to comply with their request or not.

Sometimes it’s better to just pack up and leave …. And come back when they are not there :slight_smile:


Great thanks all, I did wonder why this looked a bit informal! None of the dog owners said anything, and I even went up to two and said, if your dog is uncomfortable I would stop. They were both fine, and just interested in the drone and what I was doing.

It’s odd that when we see a sign we automatically think that this is the law.

So, if legally ok, I would be happy to take off and land there. And I would not pick days/times when the park is busy. And like what BudgieUK said, if it was an issue I would probably leave, as I don’t live that far away.

The sign is small for what you would think was an important piece of public information.

Next time take a screwdriver :wink:


Thanks for posting the link.

Interesting footnote to that request.

“The council considers any requests it receives to fly drones from its land
on their own merits, depending on the nature and specific circumstances of
the site in question.”

No need to request, they have no byelaws stating you can’t fly.

You want to read some of the BS councils put on replies.

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Quite worrying when you think these people sit in local office, and govern the parishes and councils.

Many of us are guilty of not questioning so called rules and regulations.

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Could you be charged with destruction/damage to property? Asking for a friend.


No, if you don’t damage it putting it up in your garage :wink:


I’ll pass that on :wink:


The sign is ungrammatical.

<pedant mode> The *use* ........ *are* prohibited. Should be the use of ... is prohibited </pedant mode>

You are registered with the CAA
You have £5 million Public Liability Insurance
You used one of the only 2 CAA recommended programs to check for the legality of your flight.
You adhered to the Drone Code and aviation law
You checked via a Freedom of Information request whether any bylaws were in place
You selected a time when few of the public would be using the area
You approached those who were there and asked if they were ok with the flight.

Does a half-hidden, badly mounted notice with no reference to any law trump that?


What’s a drone?

… isn’t that what a ken or Karen does?

I’d play dumb… “oi is that a drone?”

… “no it’s an unmanned aerial vehicle”…


“you can’t fly drones here!”


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that was my first thought when I saw that sign …

cannot be charged with criminal damage if you don’t damage it.


Theft, possibly. Of course, if you took a blank sign of the same size and proportions, removed the screws, added the blank plate on top of the existing sign and replaced the screws…

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One of the owners thought you couldn’t fly over someone’s house. When I said I could, her response was she could knock it out of the sky.

I just said don’t do that, you’ll be the one in trouble.

I think many out there think there is some kind of permit for these, :joy:

Well, there is…

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