Parrot Anafi

Sooo after a daily countdown to an announcement over recent days Parrot announced the Anafi folding 4K HDR drone at £629
What do people think? Anybody thinking of picking one up?

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Seems to fold up nicely.

With 180 tilt, 360-panos should be complete on top. (Expect Hangar will have their logo there, though, if they decide to support.)

Not for me, tho … well, not until I’ve seen what the MP2 is all about, and decided if I’ve upgrading, that is.

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I thought Parrot were stepping out of the drone game along with GoPro.

The 180 tilt camera is a good idea, but perhaps just a novelty?

Looks ok guess, but it’s not for me…


The footage I have seen in the early video reviews unfortunately doesn’t look much different than the Mavic, such a shame if this is true as it’s really time for an affordable, portable drone with a really great camera. And this is almost the same weight as the Spark.
However I am very open to having my mind changed!

I did like the look of it but gonna stay with th MP for a while before getting another

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Based on a very quick look, camera mount looks very vulnerable and I couldn’t see anything about sensors, forward or rear. Like the photo/videos specs. Seems Parrot are out to challenge the Mavics - not necessarily a good idea to poke the sleeping giant - or dragon - though. :slight_smile:

Coming from the Phantom 2 era, sensors aren’t something I give a lot of priority to.

Ditto! Far more important! …. if financial realistic.

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Yeah no obstacle avoidance, but it’s great to see a DJI competitor really it keeps innovation going

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Hiya frogbmth,this parrot anafi looks interesting,had a look at the specs,and no OA.That would not make me not get one ,on its own,but definitely not for me.Now the Autel Evo,I am almost sure now i will pull the trigger on,if and when it is released,depending if i can get one shipped from the U.S :grinning::+1:t2::+1:t2:

i have been flying my anafi for some time now it’sa great bird the 180 camera is so useful takes great photos and video and parrot adds something new with every updatei get between 21 & 25 mins per battery

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Do you still have to pay to unlock certain features on the app?

hi yes but only 99p

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Are the sensors on the M2 really that effective anyway?, I was under the impression their effectiveness was a bit hit and miss :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (pardon the pun :laughing: )

Here’s the best example (that I know of) of “rescue by sensor” on the MP, and I can’t imagine the M2 is any less capable.


Ah thats not bad. I saw a video review where it was asking for $30.00 for ‘follow me’ mode.

when the anafi was first released they wanted17.99 for each mode but dropped price to 99p

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I paid about £17.99 on IOS for flight plan with the Disco. Was well worth it though.

Going to see if it’s dropped on the Android version.

Edit - No such luck, £14.99, must just be Anafi.

if you want to see the photo quality check my facebook page just look for my name i have anafi shots on

just looked at the parrot app on google and in app purchases are still 99p

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It’s Freeflight Pro that the Disco uses so probably a different app.

Was just when you said they had dropped the charges for Anafi it made me wonder if it might be the same across the parrot range.