Parrot Disco Flight Test 2

Got an invite to fly from a local gliding and RC club, so took the Disco to learn while the sun was shining. I overshot the landings every time lol.
here is a short clip of the gliding club field.


Is that footage from the disco camera?

Looks good

Yes, it’s the Disco camera it was all LOS though and when I get to FPV the Disco the banking will be shallow to get good video.

Looks like temperature does make a difference then.
Looking forward to getting mine back out.

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I’ve just shielded my Mobius camera and mounted it where it’s not blocking or interfering with the GPS antenna. If the weather holds out I’ll try it tomorrow.

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How much of the nose is in cameras FOV? Guessing the switch/pitot sticks up a fair bit.

It’s in view but until I fly it it’s a guesstimate position, the silicone is very very strong but it cuts well.

One thing I did notice about landings, working out wind direction and landing into it is much smoother with less overshoot.

If it’s calm your always going to have a higher groundspeed and higher chance of overshoot.

I like the circular landing since it lands into wind automatically. Good for end of a waypoint mission where you can’t predict wind in advance.

Looking forward to your onboard video.

Nice one @Njoro - What’s the score here, do you each take it in turns or are there multiple machines up in the skies at the same time?

WTF?! How does it know that?!?? :open_mouth:

Probably like I would with my paraglider … perform what would be perfect circles in still air and see where you’ve drifted to compared to the start of the circle. :heavy_check_mark:

It knows the wind direction from the airspeed vs ground speed thanks to its pitot tube

@PingSpike multiple machine up and at times jets too, the RC club got moved on from a perfect location due to quarrying rights. I’ve joined the RC and glider club for this season, the club is a BMFA affiliate so I now have FPVUK and BMFA.

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