Parrot Disco Modification


“Airport Utility” a useful App for scanning RSSI.


That looks very similar to “WiFi Analyzer” on Android.


Looking good!!!
Hope the disco can put out after you efforts. :wink:


“Looking forward to the test flight” :pray:


I flight tested the Disco this morning at the gliding club, I let it fly out LOS until the video froze up at which point I switched the antenna gain on and the video came back. I took my goggles with me only to find I had forgotten the USB cable for Nvidia K1.

Sooooooooo it works great.:sunglasses:




I’ve revisited the camera focus having read a few articles on line.
I’ve experimented by dabbling tipex on the camera lens bezel and marking it. I focusded the camera on a lamp post at some distance then followed a guide on focusing on the focus sheet I printed.

I’ve ended up focusing the camera at a laser point from 4.6M which seems to be the magic distance for focusing. The indoor focus point has lined up with the outdoor focus point.


How the flip did you work that out mate?!


Having read various articles and watched some videos, 3-5M seemed to be the ballpark area to aim for. I basically experimented.


I’m now happy with the focus and to my eyes the whole image seems much better and without the blurred sides. The video is long purely because I wanted to see how the camera would behave due to temperature. The distant chimney looks so much more in focus now compared to the last flight here some months ago.

Project completed.


What a difference! Well done mate. The key seems to be that you focused it at optimal distance and not just the nearest tree.

Looks great.


Thanks Callum, it was so enjoyable to fly with a sharp video in the DJI goggles. Next flight I’ll try it in 720P which is less laggy. The antenna mod works a treat by the way.


Following @callum battery mod, this arrived today including some wire for the Inspire 2 gimbal security.:smirk:



What, in case the camera gets detached from the airframe you mean?! :scream:


Yes, DJI sell it so thought I’d make one.


I really need to get the disco back out.

@Njoro What frsky receiver would you recommend for it? Fancy trying ardupilot.

Remember you posted one a while back with stabilisation.


Callum the stabilised RX “S6R 3 axis” doesn’t output S-bus but it’s a good one to have if you’re thinking of using it with other aircraft.
The XM range of receivers are full range and add no weight to anything. I usually think 2-3 models ahead when I buy something, I’d say any 4 channel S-bus is good enough.


Ive actually got a spare XM+ in a drawer, bought that and the R-XSR at same time.

Might make a nice little project for Sunday.



Forecast rain over the weekend, I’ll be assembling the Tundra and doing the Disco battery mod.