Parrot Disco Modification


Only issue I would have with a grub is drilling and tapping the housing, lot of debris getting into the sensor housing.

Suppose you could drill it with a vaccum rigged up over front.


But you wouldn’t need to go into the housing, Through that collar and friction against the sensor housing.


Here is a test flight this morning, the focus is really sensitive and with the 3D print being so tight I kept over shooting the point.

I’ll be reworking the print to loosen the threads a bit more. I’m not really sure whether to focus on the horizon or not? I just focused on a tree as far away from the house as possible, I’ll try at the field with the new print to focus the horizon and see what that will be like.


You looked into modding the controller at all mate?

I’ve not really got a clue on antennas and stuff like that.

From what I’ve read the SC2 already works at quite a high power. Adding boosters is pointless.

Best solution is to remove 2 of the 5dBi patch antennas and replace with 14dBi directional ones.

Think this will be my next project. Just need to work out what stuff to buy.


@callum I’ve seen a clip on the tube about it but I’ve not really considered it.


Update… I’ve finished experimenting with different thread depth and collet size, I’ve settled for a 10X6mm collet with 2mm thread depth.
The outer thread diameter of the lens module is 10mm, so the unused threads of the collet support and centralise the lenses within the camera barrow by 4mm.
I’ve printed the threads loosely enough to enable the lens to be screwed in and out while out at the field.
I found that the best way to hold the collet in place is the use of tiny screws.
The critical bit was the threads if they are too loose the whole lens module will vibrate in flight which may lead to a blurred image and if too tight the focusing will be a bit of a pain.


Mate… you have the patience of a saint :blush:

Great job!


St. Njoro :+1:


Years of engineering and especially during my aircraft technician’s training as young lad.


Should the :innocent: be around my feet? I keep tripping on it.


I managed to get an Nvidia Shield and a HDMI adapter off eBay. The shield is virtually new, I tested it this morning with my DJI RE and as expected It’s brilliant.

I’ll refocus the camera with the Google’s on to see what the difference is.


Look forward to seeing how it goes.


Are you leaving the 4 original antenna in place? I was thinking of removing the top 2 and soldering wire from pads to connectors for 14dBi panels.

I’ll wait and see the results of your mod first. Looks more interesting.


Yes for now, I’m hoping that the signal conditioners do their job synchronising the antenna input and output. It might be a more complicated way of doing what you are thinking of which is essentially using big ears to listen.
Wait for my test and at least you’ll know which way to swing the axe…:nerd_face:



Couldn’t really concentrate on the last pic without my attention being diverted to that quad.

Looks impressive. Is that a DJI Naza build?


Bench test done and so far I’m quite happy, the RSSI has jumped from -63 to -33. Field test will prove it though.


Let me know when I should pop outside to see it fly over Southampton. :wink:





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