Part 2 flying in manual on DJI virtual flight app

Still suffering with my neck. Still not sleeping so as of 3am this morning I’ve given DJI virtual flight app another go in manual :face_with_peeking_eye:

Some tips when learning manual mode.

You want to start at a lower speed. To do this you need to reduce your camera angle, start with something shallow between 5 and 10 degrees.

When you’re flying in normal and sport mode with the DJI FPV/Avata and you want to turn the system mixes Yaw and Roll together, that’s why you’re able to turn by just using the Yaw, or rudder, control. In manual mode you have to lean how to do this for yourself. How much of each will depend on how far forward you pitch the quad. The more you pitch forward the more roll and less yaw you’ll need to use.

So with a shallow camera angle your primary turning stick will be your Yaw with a little bit of roll to stop the quad from rolling in the opposite direction. As you increase your camera angle to increase your speed the roll control will become the more dominant while mixing in some yaw to keep the nose of the quad pointing down in the turn.

This is what made the biggest difference to me, when I first started. Once you get this, you’ll make good progress.

Yep I figured that one out lol it’s going to take practice. The DJI app has given me confidence for a future fpv purchase in the new year so plenty of time to practice :+1::+1:

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“Practice” is the keyword. No one is born able to do this. Some make it look easy but they all started at the same point. When you see someone on YouTube doing all the crazy flippity flop stuff and appearing rather blasé about it, you can easily get frustrated about your own progress and performance. But one thing they never disclose is how many takes it took to get that three or four seconds of crazy video.

Yep my videos are taken from 20 to 60 mins flight time. All most all are set up first to get the shot I have in my head and I’m already expecting my fpv videos will be made up of the best 60 second clip from a flight that taken me an hour lol :+1: