Peebles Scottish Borders

Visited Peebles during a tour of the Scottish Borders while staying at Moffat for a week in September you can see the location of the former woolen mill very top right of the town that @Mandy mentions is set for development in her recent posting in the photos by drone section.


Amazing shot, which drone are you flying?

By the way Mandy is the name of my drone as in the 10cc song! I’m Iain🙂

Mavic air 2 Iain, took off on the river bank down by the swimming pool but only able to go straight up because of the class restrictions ….I need to get a mini 2

Great, I got my first drone, a mini 1 a year ago, have posted lots of drone pics to Flickr but haven’t flown as much as I would have liked partly due to winds and poor light, am thinking of getting a mini3 pro sometime for better photos in low light.

It’s been either rain or wind lately …I haven’t flown since we visited the Scottish Borders in September , I have a couple of local targets ( 30 miles away ) but with the weather it just hasn’t been worth travelling in the hope of a flight

Had a good session yesterday afternoon though the light could have been better. A few shots above the river and over towards the church and swimming pool. Will be posting to Flickr over the next few days. I want to get down to Scott’s view and Leaderfoot Viaduct in the next week or so but weather very unsettled.