PfCO ID Cards

Anyone know where you can purchase one of these ?

I remember seeing the ad below, not used them myself

Hi @mickydd
Tried this online does not seem to work entering everything and add to cart but says cart is empty :-/

Same here. Just tried it.

The CAAPfCO site does not work either pfft

I had mine from the Drone User magazine without any problems.
Steve, the editor of Drone User magazine advertised the ID cards on a few PfCO user groups on FB and was slated for using the CAA logo on them. He did say he had authorisation to use them but not in writing. I believe the ID’s are on hold till he hears back from the CAA

If you contact him via the Drone User web page he can give you an update

There are likes and haters of the ID card, I for one like it as when I get asked by off chance if I’m a PfCO I show them the card. Most people dont know what to expect when they ask for proof and it’s met with a positive reaction and saves carrying around your Ops Manual all the time as evidence.

There will be people who disagree but for me it makes life easier and that’s what I like :blush:


I got mine for the same reason a couple of weeks ago and came through pretty quick. I haven’t had reason to show it, but thought it was better than trying to pull out the full permission.

£10 including p&p.

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Just spoke with Steve from Drone User.
Orders can now be placed again online

where did you get yours from@BrianB ?

My ID card was provided by RUAS the company with whom I did my PfCO training.

Hi @dustymagic
Maybe all NQES should do that


Well getting mine from Drone magazine :+1:

Mine was the one from drone user magazine - it is £7.05 but £2.95 p&p hence the £10.00.

I have just noticed that it has the PfCO expiry date is also listed on it which would mean buying again each year. I am not sure I will buy it again (and probably won’t be needed as the rules are likely to be in and PfCO may not exist, but transferred to the new scheme).

Yes agree, well let’s see what’s happens.£10 is neither here nor there I’m looking forward to having it to flash in case of a challenge

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Got mine today + extra one FOC :+1:

Does the ID card only last for a year as previously mentioned?

Yes it does @mickydd pointless really and we need something a little bit better

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Mine is totally different “says Permission for Aerial Operations wtf grrrr


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Why have they done that?! I have just realised they didn’t put my logo on mine as they did yours… Think it’s a bit of a one man band show!