Hi guys how much does pfco certification actually cost?
I joined a group on fb and you wouldn’t believe the amount of flak I’ve had over a picture I shared with them. I’m sure there’s an amount of jealousy involved.

Why do you think you need a pfco? Is it cos someone on FB (The font of all knowledge) thinks you have to have one?
Are you selling photos and videos commercially?
A pfco is costly in time and money, just google it and you will see several companies offering intensive courses. Our own club has a discount with a training provider, one of the best I hear. But it’s still expensive unless you are in the business of aerial filming.
If not then you are flying as a hobbyist and don’t need a pfco, (Permission for Commerical Operations).
You don’t need a pfco to post vids or photos shot as a hobbyist on any social media, whether it be facesnaptwat or YouTube etc.
Just be a responsible pilot and comply with the drone law.
Which is…no higher than 400ft, keep in vlos of your aircraft (visual line of sight) no nearer than 50m from people not under your control unless taking off or landing then it’s 30m. Not nearer than 150m from built up areas and crowds.

It’s the definition of congested areas I think is causing the problem

This post doesn’t concisely answer that question … but rather confirms the lack of clarity on the matter … and that’s from the CAA!

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I asked the CAA what they regard as congested and they said it’s about common sense. A pop concert/football match is a congested area, because of the densely packed area of people. You can have a large number of people in a park, but they tend to have a lot of space between each person, so less chance of a drone hitting them if it fell from the sky.
They said there was no definitive answer, just use common sense at all times. A town centre on a Friday night shopping night could be congested but on a quiet Sunday morning when everybody is in bed…no problem.
Strangle enough they used to say that 1000 people is a crowd, until some wag asked how on earth do we count them, there could be 999 people and therefore O.K. to fly. That seems to have been quietly dropped in favour of a common sense approach. I must say I’ve always found the CAA very approachable, they would rather educate than enforce.


If it’s the picture I think it is, then I’m not sure PfCO is what you need - well, not yet anyway. We will see which way the wind blows from a regulatory point of view in 2019. You’d still be expected to know the rules.

Tbh, I’d save the cash & just spend a bit of time educating yourself a bit more. Sorry if that sounds patronising, but it’s warmly meant & it’s down to you to make sure you fly responsibly.

Folks here are likely to be a little more patient than in the FB group, so if you’ve got questions, please do ask and we’ll all try to help. I can understand the response you got and I think people are understandably quite sensitive right now - post-Gatwick.

In the meantime, PM coming your way! :wink:

HTH. Happy flying, and Merry Christmas.

Cheers @PaperCrane and your pm has been answered :+1:

I would’ve thought the amount of time planning the flight and the time it took place, plus not acting like a dick would satisfy. I’d also done a NATS notification

Well, no not really. Which was pointed out. Just because I’m not going to tear a strip off you doesn’t mean you don’t deserve everything you got.

I’m really not interested in transferring a slanging match from corner of the internet to this one - I didn’t engage in it there and I won’t here either. Your mistake was pointed out and it ended up in a slanging match. I’m not going to play internet handbags.

I made a recommendation about someone I respect and knows what he’s talking about. Whether you choose to listen is up to you. Beyond being willing to help and advise, it’s none of my business. But please don’t take that as me condoning and supporting your actions, because I don’t.