Phantom 4 Controller issues

Hey all,
So, after 4 months in lockdown, I finally went back into the office, and came back home with the work’s Phantom 4 Advanced, with “smart controller”
We bought it about 18mo ago, so it’s well out of warranty, and haven’t flown it before… well…

I charged everything up over night, and got it all plugged and ready to go.
The controller came on, and immediately started beeping, with the light next to the battery lights flashing red.
The beeping didn’t stop until after I had registered and calibrated the controller.
One thing I noticed when calibrating was that the right hand stick wasn’t registering fully left and right movement, and sticking at about 21%, when the stock was centred.

So, I updated the firmware on both the drone and the controller, and had the same problem.
Anyone have any ideas what I can do next? I would really love to have some Phantom time under my wing before I set my sights on our latest purchase: Inspire 2! :heart_eyes:

Or, am I resigned to either getting DJI to look at it, or buying a new controller? :pensive:

Cheers, G

A common issue with controllers that use potentiometers for translating stick movement is dirt on the tracks and the contact arm. Usually a quick burst of compressed air and a small application of switch/contact cleaner works. I’ve seen this issue with the Yuneec ST10 controllers if they haven’t been used in a while.

This should then be followed with another calibration.


I’ll see if I can give that a go…
Especially as it’s out of warranty, we’ve nothing to lose! :joy:

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