Phantom 4 Pro - advice on drying out after being under water?

Had a nasty accident with drone yesterday. Had waited for the drone to log its gps position and checked this on the map.
On takeoff the drone veered to the left hit some branches and landed in the canal. I have looked at the flight data and all i can see is weak gps signal- possibly interference from something in the area.
I fished out the drone and noticed that the battery had detached itself and was on the ground - Wondering whether the electronics will have survived as the drone was not powered when it entered the water.
I have drained all the water out of it and am allowing it to dry in the hotpress at home in a box with some rice in it to draw the moisture ( from the internet)
will not power up for several days to ensure that it is as dry as i can get it.
Anybody have any advice or had a similar experience - am gutted at the possibility of the drone being a complete write off

If it wasn’t powered on then the electronics “maybe” ok. Rice is a good first attempt at removing water. If you have access to any sort of dehumidifier that would be better.
Good luck.

Thanks for taking the time to get back to me-I am leaving it as long as I can before powering up. De-humidifier is a good idea

Thanks again

Mail]( for Windows 10

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Shove it in an airing cupboard for at least a week before you even think of powering it up.