Phantom 4 with S7

Hi all
Completely new to having a drone .purchased a phantom 4 for photography. Purchased it second hand from a professional photographer who only used it a handful of times to get a couple of shots .She used an iPhone with no problems. This is where the fun begins .I’ve downloaded dji 4 go app on to my s7 but can’t get it to work !!! Tried daughters huawei mediapad t3 everything work p4 fly s etc but no camera image on screen any ideas. I’m based in Shrewsbury if any one is close by and can offer assistance cheers

Sometimes it’s the cable. I stopped using the micro USB connector on the controller and switched to the normal USB it has for connecting tablets and that ended my connection problem…I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel! It’s too windy to get it up today anyway though…

Thanks for your reply will try a different type of cable