phil from liverpool

greetings everyone.

great to be part of this group.
ive been flying for a year, only going local around the liverpool area and the wirral. i currently own two drones the mavic mini 2 and the mavic 2 pro. i bought the mini 2 first to get experience in flying then i got the mavic 2 pro as i am nearing the end of my A2 COFC training then the main face to face exam. i use the mini 2 the most as it gives me more freedom to fly. once and hopefully if i pass the A2COFC i will be using the mavic 2 pro a lot more. its funny that when i fly the mini 2 im quite relaxed, on the other hand when flying the mavic 2 pro im a little edgy because of the price of it. night photography also has me on edge. quite a few times im searching the night sky trying to find it.


Hi @phil142 and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

Great choice on the M2, the most popular drone amongst the members at the moment, check out some of the night threads from the last couple of weeks, its very capable in the dark ;o)

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Welcome once again!

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thanks very much. really appreciated.

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I was in Liverpool with my mini 2 for a holiday. One evening I sent it up face to face with the liver birds on the liver building. I also got some great shots of the Disney Cruise Ship docking and leaving. Got some great sunsets over the Mersey.
Good luck with your course.

thanks so much wally.
i havent taken an photos at all of the liver building. that was first on my list when i got the mini 2. still havent got around to it. its a great little drone and the photo quality is excellent.

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There is a couple of seats behind the liver bird building next to the river. There were a couple of people there who I asked if they minded if I flew my drone. No problem they said. One was very inquisitive asking loads of questions.
But I thought it would be a quiet spot for take off and landing. We stayed in the hotel beside the liver building called The Mguire Atlantic. They have black & white pictures of the liver birds in their hallways. Mine were better as they were coloured lol. Hope you get some great pictures Phil.

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i know the seats you mean wally and the hotel. i do get people being quite inquisitive. had no problems since ive been flying. had a look at your photos on your account. brilliant work. very clear. well done.

Hi Phil - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

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thanks so much for the welcome. appreciated.

Thank you for those kind words Phil. Hope you get some great pictures when you get round to it. Take care, fly safe