Phone number on drone, pros/cons?

Anyone have any good/bad experience with having their mobile number visible on your drone along with your operator ID. I’m thinking makes sense if its lost, gives someone the chance to return it for a reward; over maybe keeping or selling it? But wondering if I’m overlooking any downsides, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen this said as a tip or advice to new owners…


No good or bad experiences but put my tel no on all my drones and model aircraft.

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I still have these stuck to my old Mavic Pro.

More recent drones have all had dymo “reward if found” label attached.

I don’t see a down side, unless you’re flying at Gatwick.

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Along with the caa number I’ve also got reward if found and my mobile number too, makes sense.
Can’t see any downside apart from getting prank calls if you lose it.


I now have this on mine, after being 99.99% certain my first Mini was found in the street while I was looking for it 20 yards away in the wrong place. Had it been labelled, they may have still made off with it, but it might also have saved me a few hundred quid.

Of course, Sod’s Law says that now I have the new one marked up I’ll probably never lose it. :grin:


Seems like i’m in good company here, every drone i’ve ever had (all three of them wow!) have had Dymo labels with my phone number for a reward along with legally required stuff as well.
All three of my batteries are labelled as well.

I’ve had my number on my drones with reward, I also have a tracker fitted to the side which sends text messages to my phone and also can have a 2 way call with finder and it also has a SOS button on it so I think I’ve covered every angle possible.

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+1 for phone number, always have had on all my drones.

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