Phone Protocol

Interested to hear other peoples practice when it comes to using their phone to fly.

Do you:

A, Have a second device e.g. tablet/old phone.
B, Set your phone to airplane mode when flying.
C, Set your phone to “do not disturb” when flying.
D, Do nothing.

Curious as I always forget then worry about getting a phone call!

I kept my old phone after I upgraded and that has become my drone phone it was wiped factory reset then only has my flying apps installed and that’s it.

But I really wouldn’t worry about using your actual phone as the app is only there to control the camera the main flight controls ie return to home and stick commands are all conducted by the controller. You can actually fly the DJI drones without a phone. To start the props up without a phone you can pull both sticks downwards and inwards and this will start the props or “arm the quad” then pressing up on the left stick will take off then you can fly as normal. Also it’s the same procedure to stop the props if you decide you don’t want to take off.

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Airplane mode unless I’m doing Facebook live stuff

Even have shortcuts I made for it

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Whats that like? I’ve seen it in the settings… does it work well? Is there an option for live feed to IG. :thinking:

Don’t think it has IG.

It’s all dependant on how good the 4G is where you are. I’ve found it works better through Litchi too.

Sending you a friends request and you can see some I’ve done :wink:

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When I used my phone, I did nothing special - I didn’t want airplane mode as I wanted mobile data for access to live mapping. If a call came in, I just declined the call. I’ve now gone for having a separate tablet which is exclusively dedicated to controlling the drone, keeping my phone free.

Or use DND :wink:

Does that still let you know that somebody is trying to get through? I didn’t use that because I still wanted to know immediately if someone important was calling.

No it’s stops all notifications of calls/texts whatever.

A dedicated oldish (Dec 2015) medium/low range Android (Wileyfox Storm).
Always in airplane mode (there’s no SIM in it anyway).
No other apps other than those needed to fly the drone … Go4/Litchi.

Totally reliable.

Does the map update ok without a sim?

I never use the maps. I know where I am. :wink:

The blank map screen is good enough for me to know where the drone is.


I haven’t tried it yet on my set-up, but I plan to make my phone a mobile wi-fi access point, and use that to give my tablet access to live mapping, should I ever need to. Generally I’m happier having the tablet offline so I don’t need to disable app notifications etc.

After a couple of flights using my phone, hated the small screen so started using my iPad. I then got fed up of the time it too to set up the tablet in the tablet holder and on to the controller, connecting cables etc. I wanted to just take it out the bag and fly, so I bought a Smart Controller. Best thing I did, I now couldn’t go back to using a phone or tablet. My M2P is in the air in no time at all :+1: