Photo editing software ideas

I’ve been scouring hours of videos trying to find a decent editing software and can’t seem to decide , as everyone has different opinions , one of the ones that has got me thinking is adobe lightroom , I have very little knowledge or none at all at editing but what I liked about this one is the guy showing the tutorial could change different parts of the photo separately and a lot more control as to what we can do on our phones as with a computer , I think he was using a Mac , I have Mac & windows computer & I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as a go to happy medium that I will understand , yes I know I wont perfect it over night , I just don’t feel I can accomplish decent editing on my phone unless I’m doing something wrong , or even maybe some of my pictures are just not salvageable ! It’s kind of making me lose interest tbh but I don’t want to give up on it , I’m happy to pay subscription ( rather than keep trying the freebies ) for a good go too editing software but don’t want to spend a bomb on something I don’t know how to use , I’m prepared to put the time & effort in to learn as I know it won’t do it it’s self but I’m no pro so I don’t want to drown myself straight away , any thoughts appreciated , cheers

I’m not sure what the question is here? :thinking:

Sorry I’ve re titled it , not thinking straight :person_facepalming:t2:

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Is the question, “Should I pay to rent the adobe lightroom software each month?” :thinking:

Adobe’s Photoshop & Lightroom subscription (£9.95 per month) is well worth the money if you use it enough to justify it. There is none better in my opinion. I use both professionally on a daily basis so the subscription is well worth it. If you are not processing a lot of photos then may be worth looking at other options. Whether you use them on a Mac or PC is another discussion. I’ve always used PC’s so never went down the Mac route.

I’m happy to spend £10 a month even if I only produced one photo a week that was good , I no professional tools don’t make you a pro but I’m sure with a more variety of tools opens up a better option to achievement , thanks for your advice , it’s a subscription so if I don’t get on with it at least I can cancel , many thanks

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Would you use it enough to keep paying a monthly cost of £10 it if you need photoshop as well that £20.
i looked but can’t justify

Maybe time to revisit your technique

Get that right and most photos can be improved with a simple crop and levels adjust, Snapseed does this as well

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Ah mate , so sorry can’t think straight :person_facepalming:t2:

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Thanks I’ve got Snapseed which I downloaded when you advised me a while ago , I’ll tell you were I’m getting confused , I’ve seen on a couple of tutorials were you turn one thing up and the other down I think it’s highlights and shadows , the correcting is done first and the last bit is the Color grade , or in some sort of that order , many thanks

Thanks would I need photo shop as well , yes I’m not tight by no means but 20 quid 240 a year , no I can’t justify that :flushed:

It’s one subscription for both. I pay £9.95 a month for both PS & LR.

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Is that a good go to I take it , you use those two together or not allways need to use both or use one for one thing then the other for the finishing touches , Thankyou

@Drumsagard just looked on the web


Ah brilliant thanks guys so I need the one on the left which I take it is light room and photoshop , would you know if this is available for Mac , if not no probs I’ll check it out , appreciate everybody’s input …

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Forget the tutorials , find your own style.

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Think you select when you pay for Mac or pc

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True that Chris , was looking for a bit of a push on YT in the right direction & tied myself in knots but your right tho , whatever your using create your own way , I get it mate , thanks

Download gimp it’s free

Loads of tutorials if that’s your thing, tools the same (as well as the shortcuts) as Photoshop.

Learn with that

Or look at Affinity.

Stick to the Mac versions

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Serious there’s something called gimp :smile: lol
Gimp to help the gimp to edit , cheers mate