Photographic Order of Merit Gallery


Congratulations @pauldsmart and @SpininB :clap:t2:

Stunning photographs :+1:t2:


2 more worthy winners we’ll done guys


Just logged in after the Christmas break… wow what a lovely surprise! Thank you very very much! Considering the quality of the other photos within the POoM Gallery I am an honoured.


Wow! Thanks - I haven’t had time to fly lately 'cause millions of hours of work . Thank you very much!! Very nice surprise :slight_smile:


Awarded on 07/01/2019

@BrianB original post

Important news!

@BrianB is therefore the very first member to achieve THREE Bronze POoM badges …. which also means he is the very first to be awarded the SILVER Photographic Order of Merit Badge!

Congratulations, Brian!!!


And thoroughly well deserved. That picture is beautiful.


i’ll definitely second that!, well done Brian !


I’ll third it :+1:t2:

You’ve posted some simply stunning photos @BrianB - very well done mate :bowing_man:


@BrianB Not too shabby mate :+1::smiley:


@OzoneVibe @PingSpike @PaperCrane @chrisjohnbaker @Paul_M
Thanks so much to everyone for the awesome comments :grin::grin::grin:

I know I am repeating myself, but it really is down to GADC challenges that I am getting out there so much.


beautiful shot


Yeah @brianB . That is some shot. :+1:





Well done @BrianB
Well deserved


Awarded on 03/02/2019

@MementoMori original post


Wow, thank you callum , that was totally unexpected.


Its a cracking photo. Well done.


Well done Richard well deserved


Agreed :+1:t2:


Thank you.