Photographic Order of Merit Gallery


I’d have that on my wall, nice one


Brilliant photo Richard - very much deserved :clap:


Superb Photo, Great perspective, Deserved Winner, Well Done Richard !!.


Yes, very much deserved, a fabulous photo. Well done. :ok_hand::clap:


Thank you all.


Awarded on 08/02/2019

@Paul_M original post

St Benets Norfolk

Well done Paul :clap:


Another well deserved awards
Well done Paul


:open_mouth: I’m shocked! Thank you guys I really appreciate it. Lost for words :no_mouth::blush:


A tally of POoMs awarded, so far …


x1 - @joe.k, @ianinlondon, @Jcborden, @colinbm, @JayForceOne, @LarryDeath, @Homer, @Jaycee360, @pauldsmart, @SpininB, @MementoMori, @Paul_M
x2 -
x3 - @BrianB


x1 - @BrianB


You missed @Paul_M Dave.


Too many pauls/brians/… they all merge into one. :wink:


Beautiful shot @Paul_M , loveing the colours x well deserved :clap::clap::clap:


looks like it would make a good album cover


Very nice!!!


Great shot, and is well worthy of the award, Well done Paul !.
That will be February in my Calendar !


I thought I was February :rofl:


Very, very good shot.

Now I feel inadequate. I’ve flown there at sunset and I didn’t make it look that good.


You’d have a hard job Russell that was taken in the morning not long after sunrise !


Haha that might have something to do with it.

Last time I was there I got a little closer to it than I intended.