Photographic Order of Merit Gallery


Below, in no order whatsoever, are the photographs that have been awarded the Photographic Order of Merit! (… aka POoM )

Awarded on 04/11/18

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Awarded on 12/11/2018

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Awarded on 27/12/2018

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Awarded on 07/01/2019

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Awarded on 03/02/2019

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Awarded on 08/02/2019

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Awarded on 17/02/2019

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A total surprise this one and really humbled to have two bronze badges - thank you :smile::smile::smile:


Some great shots there.


Genuinely deserved. Congrats. :+1:

Also, equally genuinely, it wasn’t until the committee had done their collective thing and I was putting the gallery post together did we realise you had two, we were that concentrated on photographic merit and not who had taken them.

And, once on the gallery, we also realised how damned excellent all nine photos were.


Well done to all concerned a really good choice of photos it couldn’t have been easy to choose i imagine


I’m surprised to have my photo included in amongst the damn good ones .


It’s one of our favourite photos @joe.k and a damn good one.


Just need 2 more similarly excellent shots and you could be the first to get the Silver badge. :wink:


All Excellent Photos, well done everyone !


Aw thanks :tada:




Awarded on 12/11/2018

@Jaycee360 orginal post

Link to the Full Gallery


Wow…amazing to be included here…feel very honoured!


John, that photo sums it up for me !.
a Big well done, a great fitting photo


Ditto what he said



And honoured to be in amongst such great work.


Stunning shot. Just brilliant. Everything that’s great about what a drone can do in one image.


Awarded on 27/12/2018

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