Photography show 2019 - NEC BIRMINGHAM

Ok next month is the photography show and wondered if anyone was attending?

Hi @sparkman999
Yes I’m definitely going! Hopefully there’ll be some interesting drone stuff!

Which day are you thinking of going?
Sat Sunday will be busy me thinks so looking at Monday Tuesday maybe perhaps
Don’t know if there will be lots of drone stuff


I have already bought tickets for the Saturday. Can’t go in the week as I’m flying out to South Africa on a 4 week photography holiday!!! Yip yip

Ok will look for my free ticket :wink::thinking: for Saturday then


I’ve been before try every couple of years used to be called focus
Got sent an email yesterday hence the topic :wink:


lol I’m promising myself every year for the last 4 I’m going and never got to it. This year my fiancee asked if we can’t go as she wants to look at some lenses for the trip. So, hopefully it’ll be as interesting as it could be costly.!

Walk away from the credit card nothing to see here …

That’s the danger
Just been away and bought the DJI Osmo pocket saved carrying all the lenses plus got some nice sharp videos to boot



We’re suckers for punishment, but… it’s fine, still love it. :blush:

Couple of panoramic shots with the osmo


I stood in that square in GC 2 years ago. Very picturesque.

Yeh lovely sat in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the sprawling city

Yes I am going…should be a good one, first time…invited to last 3 but was always travelling