Photomatix Essentials - HDR Software Freebie

Anyone interested in creating HDRs, Photomatix are giving away free lifetime licences to their software:-

Just sharing cos I’m nice like that… No idea what it’s like (have signed up but no more than that yet), am not affiliated with them, am not receiving anything etc etc…


Thanks, I’ll give it a go

Normally $39.

I’m in!

Thanks for the heads up - downloaded and working fine :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks for the heads up, not used on any drone shots yet, but had a go using my DSLR and was very happy with the results.

I gave the software a quick go this morning, photo one is straight out of my mavic pro and the second photo is the three shots I took using the AEB setting in the drone and then put into the program, both shots had no further editing, what do you think


Appreciating that you’ve don’e no manual tweaking …
Below the horizon, I think it’s done an excellent job … but I’m less keen on the sky which seems to have taken on a rather unnatural hue, which is more pronounced toward the horizon.
But that’s nothing that can’t be fixed manually afterwards.

I was flying last evening … should have taken some bracketed shots to try and compare to Photoshop’s HDR treatment. Another flight.

I was only out for five minutes this morning as I needed to make sure the mavic flew OK after getting a calibrate the IMU warning yesterday,

this a shot from yesterday I did using the same program

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It doesn’t look as though there was the same depth of shadows in this that needed the assistance … as much as in your first example.

Then one gets into the old “photo-realism” v “impact” v “subjectivity” triangle of variables … the last of which can take an image to all sorts of places. :see_no_evil:

For me … it’s a little over-saturated. Yeah - that’s part of the objective of HDR to reduce lighting contrast and increase colour contrast, so an inevitable consequence. I’m probably a more toward the photo-realism corner of that triangle kinda person, perhaps.

One thing I can say with 100% certainty … I wish I had that view when “only out for five minutes”. :+1:

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I live in Torbay and there is so much coastline here, I fully agree with what you have said, I tried it with my DLSR and made the bracketing 2 stops and the results were much better, Not really a HDR lover myself, but I will keep the program and have fun with it from time to time, the above photo was taken at Broadsands, 3 mins from home

I know the Torbay area well - my maternal grandmother was from that area, and her brother (also long gone) and massive family lived in Torquay, many still do.

Coincidentally - going through DSLR settings after (attempting) ISS transiting the moon pics, last night (still baffled how the focus … de focused … efff it!) I am reminded my DSLR has built in HDR that I’ve never tried.

It seems to have lost some of the cloud detail in the sky as well, but that may depend on what was in the three AEB shots.

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For comparison, the first image with 50% HDR in Snapseed:

And the same but some slight additional tweaks to local areas of exposure, contrast and saturation:

That looks so much better

Snapseed tends to exaggerate grain in the photo, so I’ll definitely be downloading Photomatix to give it a go.

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Snapseed only plays with one image to create an “HDR effect” … not “real” HDR.

Photomatix (and programs like Photoshop, etc) are designed (or have functions that are designed) to ingest three+ images taken with diffferent exposures and merge the parts from each that are better exposed.

A very different process.

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