Pigtail mmcx to ufl

Other than ba good and aliexpress does anyone know when I can get a mmcx to ufl cable as really struggling to find 1 …

I’ll look in my stock
What length?
What gender for MMCX? is it to fit your aero pod antenna?

what are these aero pod antenna used for? Is this for Analogue vtx?

Not just analogue, at 5G8 they suit digital FPV sysytems as well.
They suit planes/wings which generally stay horizontal’ish, 'cos you fit them underneath so you get a clear line of sight and can improve range.
The currently available ones use the ‘Pagoda’ design by Maarten Baer. It’s a solid omni-directional design, a bit old tech now, but solid and reliable.

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There for wings worked really well post the below into hobbyrc :+1:t3:

  • Menace AeroPOD 5.8Ghz Aerodynamic Antenna (U.FL) (LHCP)
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Are you using for your vista @BigDog

Congrats on the successful maiden too mate

best buy one then

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Not sure of the configuration at a wedding at mo but will check later… length 10cm would cover it just what to get wing up and running I can order a few from banggood and replace if u have :+1:t3:

Yah stick it to the bottom :+1:t3: and cheer

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Nice one mate - better start my build then

Ul enjoy flying it mate it’s really different :+1:t3:


You did great on the maiden. It did make me laugh you’d been up for 4/5 minutes and went “oh if I push the pitch it does down, and pull back it goes up”… I was like… How’s he kept it flying so we’ll then heheh. Well done bravo


It’s a female mmcx to female ufl if u do have a spare and can post out I’ll post u one back when they arrive from china if that is ok Steve??

Yes, Nick I’ve got one, I’ll get in 24hr post tomorrow.

Cheers Steve that’s really kind, make sure you forward on your address and I’ll post one back to you once they arrive :+1:t3:

My UHU Por arrived today so glued everything back together and it’s looking really good. Going to take Karl advice (not flying upside down :man_facepalming:t2:) and get some sticky back valcro to remount everything so should be good for the weekend :partying_face:

Pending bloody weather

HEY… It wasn’t me this time. I said keep it in angle… I did that once, and poor @DeanoG60 , I won’t advice that again!

Hi Nick
Royal Mail Tracked 24

Thanks Steve that’s really kind, I’m just about rebuilt just got a couple more things to put in… Could I ask where you got that tutorial you used to make sure mine was working correctly, it was on your phone…

I also checked what motors I have and found I’ve got a 1507 4200kv which fits the mount you gave me, would that work ok I’ve have a 30amp ESC ??..

TX Stick Test

roll stick right - right evelon goes UP, left goes DOWN
roll stick left - left evelon goes UP, right goes DOWN
pitch stick up - both evelons go down
pitch stick down - both evelons go up

Auto-stabilise (angle mode)

wing rolls right - left evelon goes UP, right goes DOWN
wing rolls left - left evelon goes DOWN, right goes UP
wing nose up (climbing) - both evelons go down
wing nose down (diving) - both evelons go up

High Five Test.txt (510 Bytes)


Brilliant thanks Steve :+1:t3: