Pilot needed for filming in Blackpool, summer of 2021

Hi, I’m an amateur wakeboarder based in Lancashire. I’m after someone to come and do some filming at Blackpool wake park this summer. Won’t be the easiest thing to film given the speed but I’m sure some people on here could manage it. Please let me know if interested


Sounds like a fun event @Wakeboarder1 :slight_smile:

We’ve a large amount of members in the north west, I’m sure someone can help you out. But before they offer their services, can you share a bit more information?

How many hours per day will the drone operator be required for? And how many days will they be required?

How much are you paying per day?

What do you need at the end of it? 100x photos? Raw video footage? A movie reel creating? Do you need slow / cinematic footage or fast paced FPV action shots?

Are all wakeboarder happy to sign a document saying they are an “involved person”? And will they all sign a disclaimer to indemnify the drone pilot(s) in the event of an incident?

Don’t worry about the speed :slight_smile:

Unless you guys are topping 100mph? :thinking:


I go rebellion punk fest in augs. Might be able to squeeze a day in

@Diveuk your area ?


There are lots of us within reach, but expected dates would also be needed.

A nearby NOTAM until mid August in that area.

Would be interested depending on requirements. Could also provide a 360 virtual tour of the facilities if needed.


Difficult to give exact dates, the ideal conditions are when it’s flat calm and no wind but warm and sunny which i’d imagine would be good for you guys too? The season stretches up to end of september so it would be sometime within the next 3 months or so. I’d have thought you wouldn’t be flying any higher than 20m, does the notam apply to this kind of flight? Also looking at the yellow marked area the actual wake park itself is not within this circle. You can see the lake with the island in the middle, that’s where the cable is situated.


@Wakeboarder1 yep the NOTAM should not be a problem (just for reference), I live in Blackpool and am in the fortunate position of working from home so I can be flexible on dates.

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I have a friend who owns Buzz Drones in Blackpool area I have just messeged him and he is interested in getting involved. I can pass contact details on in the DMs.

Hi sounds interesting. If I can point you to have a look at my website, and then if you fancy a chat, please do get in touch with me.

www.uavinnovations.co.uk george@uav-ltd.com

Best regards,



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:joy::joy: this is a wakeboarder dude were dealing with 🏄‍♂
( couldn’t get wakeboarder emoji) :joy: payment! :scream: the sand under feet and sea breeze on your face should be payment enough … dude :wink: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hah yeah the sand under your toes. Well what’s a normal hourly rate?
In terms of how much filming, it’s difficult to do more than 3 x 15min sessions on the cable as it’s so strenuous. So realistically filming would be about 1hr on possibly several occasions.


Hi. I know I’m late to the party but I’m Blackpool based too. I quite regularly fly at a construction site quite close to the wake park.