Pin Seeker Badges

Any plans to extend the Pin Seeker badges? :wink:

For example …

Pins Badge
1 Bronze
10 Silver
25 Gold
50 Platinum :new:
100 Diamond :new:

I need motivating :joy:

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We’ve created special badges for members before now :blush:

Get to 50x locations on the map Chris we’ll create the first ever Platinum badge :scream:

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That’s all the incentive I need :grin:

Cheers Rich :+1:

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And please do join another badge-related conversation over here:

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Great idea, well up for that.

I think it’s time I read up on this airdata malarky :face_with_monocle:

Have the other badges been dropped?

Not seen many badges awarded recently. Just wondering how they get awarded.

No, not dropped, a badge was issued here earlier today.

Some are automated and issued instantly, some are scripted on a back-end cron job once a day, some are manual and require our input :slight_smile:


Ah ok.

Just not seen them recently and I know that I have missed out on at least one so I wasn’t sure.

Unless they were awarded and I didn’t see

I’ve thought the same to be honest @DroneGeek :+1:t2:

I’ve been having a little rest after my Drone Scene frenzy during the treasure hunt. Need to get back on it! :joy:

Actually looking at the badges page, it would appear to be awards.

But if they are not routinely issued, then now worries.

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