Pitstone Windmill - Added to Wind Farms in the South East region on the map at DroneScene.co.uk

I have has just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at https://dronescene.co.uk


I love this one!

Thanks for sharing with us :smiley:


Just had my first proper flight at this windmill tonight. Really secluded place . A fantastic setting.
Thanks again for posting it.

Following some research, this windmill and the surrounding farmland appears to be owned by the National Trust, and they sadly do not allow drones to fly over their land.

According to NT’s own data, they own very little around that windmill … red in this map …

That map can be found here …

So, probably can take-off from outside what they control and fly over it.

They own a fair bit more land around there, as per ArcGIS Web Application

There is no law against flying above NT land. Manned aircraft do it regularly! There are laws against causing annoyance or disturbance to users of the land, so just fly when there aren’t many people around, or stay high enough not to disturb anyone.

Thanks for the reply, perhaps I’m missing something and I would also hope that I’m wrong but I just snipped a map from the NT, it shows Pitstone Green Farm which is the land around the windmill which they apparently acquired in 2008, although there is another date in the entry which quotes 1995-2014, so somewhat ambiguous!
I’m new to drone flying and I’m keen to avoid any brushes with the authorities, your map appears to be from Dronescene.co.uk, how confident can I be of their accuracy should I be challenged?

Just spotted Kvetner has included the map I was about to include.

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It is - and that draws it’s information directly from the NT site. In this instance there may be something not being replicated correctly - and, since GADC owns DroneScene, we’ll get this discrepancy investigated.

Hi kvetner, I’m hoping you’re correct, but see the link,
Our policy on drone use | National Trust(unmanned,a%20licence%20granted%20by%20us.&text=The%20use%20of%20aerial%20vehicles,by%20the%20Trust%20%E2%80%9Cbyelaws%E2%80%9D

This states that in their byelaws UAV’s are not permitted to fly over their land without express permission.

They can say that all they want, however it isn’t enforceable. As long as you don’t take off or land on their property and follow the Drone Code then all is good.

It’s bollocks, is what it is. You have their actual byelaws there to read :grinning: Personally, I follow those, not their website. These, for example, were taken from and over NT land - they are very welcome to come after me for their £20 should they wish.

I’ve flown a few times at Pitstone.
Go in the evening in the summer or weekend out of NT hours.
It’s a nice place to fly.

I’ve flown here too :grin:

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