Planning a head

Iv always fancied building my own quad as it must be quite an achievement, the question is where do you start ??.

Is it with the frame? the motors ? it all seems quite the minefield, when I do get this point I really fancy building a BIG 7 incher with beefy motors that is about all I know.

Does anyone have a 7 inch quad? if so what they like to fly ???..

Its great for cruising long range.

I’d start with the frame. Then you know what you can fit to it. Try looking at the below. He’ll give a range of parts suitable for your size frame that you choose.

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I bascially followed Oscar Liangs guides and recommendations (5 incher for me), though I now want to build a cinewhoop lol. Guess frame is a good idea to start to see what fit, but decide what you want from the drone I guess

Hmmm I’m going to struggle as my DJI set up isn’t built for long distance, may go for a 5 with huge motors and lots of power then :sunglasses:

The first place to start is deciding what you want to do with it? Freestyle? Long Range? Etc This will have a huge bearing on what frame, motors, control link etc you will want to go with