Polarised Lens Mavic Mini

Hi all,
After a pointer in the right direction please. I plan on using my mini lots this year in my fishing both from an angling point of view and for some good images. I noticed last year tho that there is always a big bounce off the water so want to get a polarised lens cover to help with this. Don’t really need a whole set, just one for this situation. Anyone recommend any please?


Freewell make good filters also skyreat or even sunny life but really any CPL filter will do the job but for my money it would be the freewell on Amazon for about £20


amazon sell a set of 6 ND filters with mcpv ,CPL for £31… :slight_smile:

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I have the Freewell standalone one, it does the trick and doesn’t seem to colour the video output, its a bit fiddly to fit but they all are. Most of this was filmed with it fitted, if it helps (evening light though so warmish colours).

In truth the whole video was an excuse to get out with the Mini 2!

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