Pontcysyllte Aqueduct - Autumn 2022

The third video from last Saturday’s drone flying day out to Wales, the first location visited, Pontcysyllte Aqueduct - just after sunrise with mist on the valley floor… This is the shorter edit, a longer version will follow - would be useful to hear which version folks prefer, I shall post the longer version as a comment below…


Love the 3rd clip coming towards the aqueduct with the mist !

A crop of that would make a stunning picture if that’s your thing ! Bravo

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Visited a few years ago on the way back from Snowdonia on account of my forebears’ likely involvement with it’s construction (mother’s the genealogist). Walking across it gave me the heebie-jeebies. :grin:

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Thanks… I may try that… Got the longer edit uploading and processing on YT now, once done I shall post it below…

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Yeah, no… I stayed firmly feet on the ground at the end of the bridge… I dont mind flying, nor mountain climbing and hillwalking, but the ‘call of the void’ from man made structures is something I find a little too nervewracking…

@AlbionDrones if you don’t mind my ask , how long have you been flying or doing videography with drone / drones ,
Was it just the other week when you joined GADC.

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No worries @Kirky, glad to respond, I am quite amazed at how much I am enjoying the drone and learning how to edit video…

It is the first drone I have ever had, DJI MINI3 Pro, delivered on 4th August, must say it is a cracking piece of kit that makes it easy to get good results… I have been an amateur photographer since the 80’s, was fortunate Mum and Dad were in a position to enable my interests, but videography started with playing my flute and recording it using my phone, and the drone is a new thing…

I am one of those annoying folks that has to do everything to a good level, I am hyper self critical, and enjoy learning, plus have the opportunity to devote time to doing so, so have been out most of the last 8 weekends with the drone and a few times when away with work too… Off to Scotland in 2 weeks, so hoping to get some good footage from up there…

You are correct, I only joined Grey Arrows a couple of weeks ago, straight after finding it, have to say its an awesome forum, I belong to 2 others, both of which are good, but this is the one that folks interact on the most…

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Well fair play too you , as I’ve been watching your videos you have been posting and you seem to be picking it up quick as there getting better each time ( may I compliment ! )

Also most definitely picking it up quicker than my self as I’ve only been doing stills :smile: and I’ve had the thing over a year lol , jokes aside I must give the video a go , I did get some cine sticks the other day in the hope it will help me try and achieve smoother video ( hope I say ) …. But as said about the above well done :clap:t2:

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Thanks, compliments are always welcome - hubby is still amazed at how quick I pick things up and we have been married 22 years at the end of the month! Mind you, I did have a pilots licence in my teens - scholarship - so have some reasonable levels of hand eye coordination :wink:

I love photography, but the chances to appreciate the pictures we take are getting less and less, and video is something that appeals, especialy mindful / cinematic / relaxing and inspiring footage with suitable music… I have a feel for what I want to do, which helps in planning the shots and in editing it together… Still lots of room to improve though…

I’ve been getting lots of practice and also watching lots of YT, some good advice for getting the cinematic look - set the pitch and yaw really slow and then the Smoothness as high as you can, this smoothes out the movement… Use the gridlines on the screen and try and keep your movements limited to 2 directions, up and down with forwards and backwards, that way it feels smoother too… Ian in London has great Smooth it Out video on his YT channel…

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Yes I’ve watched that many times just need to put it into practice :cold_face: I will do and hopefully very soon , problem with me is my nerves get the better of me , then I over think it , then ruin things before I start !
Must be an age thing I never used to be like this :man_shrugging:t2::smile:

And congratulations too you both ….

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Beautiful lighting conditions, very nicely filmed, Well Done
Ony comment would be try to keep the individual clips to about 5 or 6 seconds long, breaking it up a bit keeps the viewers concentration, you can always drop the other clips in later on.
Great to have you on the forum, look forward to seeing more from you

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Thanks… We got married at Halloween - so he can’t forget the anniversary!

Nerves are one of those things, I was nervous flying under the viaduct, and flying near the trees at Pistyll Rhaedr too, but whats the worse that can happen, I would need to use the Care Refresh policy, thats what its there for… But I do understand… As I have gotten older I have become more risk averse, but sometimes we just need to go and do it…

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Amen that 100%

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Thanks Steviegeek, I appreciate the positive comments, it was a great day for flying and videoing…

I am glad to be here and thoroughly enjoying the forum - and will take all advice I can about editing, very new to it :slight_smile:

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And finally uploaded, the longer edit, which do you prefer…

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Great video!! love all the drone footage and the edit. I only have one issue with it all and this is something I see in on a few videos here so you are not alone.

as a graphic designer of 20 years I see this all the time. Simple use of fonts can take something from amateur to professional with a click of a button.

Best to select a Sans Serif type face (one without any flicks or tails) Even something as simple as Arial or Helvetica for example. I would look to use one font in different weights. So maybe Bold for title and then normal or light for sub headers.

Then in terms of colour. If you are using black backgrounds white is a good start or light grey. Classy looking items in design tend to use dark grey and then a light grey on top. Look at complimentary colours also so dark blue with burnt orange/yellow work well.

Its amazing how quickly you can improve a design.

Nice typefaces to use are:
Open sans (Google Fonts: Open Sans)
Roboto (Google Fonts: Roboto)
Montserrat (Google Fonts: Montserrat)

All of these are free to use

Hope that helps?

Also I would be so scared of falling off the side of the boat doesn’t look like there is much of a barrier on one side. YIKES!!!


Many thanks, glad the footage and edit was enjoyed… Yes, I am looking at the titling, I need to make something more classical although not sure if I want to keep it really simple or have some form of animation on it, will have a think and play on future video’s… Think I need to do the same to my logo on FB tbh, I threw it together quickly to get something up…

Its always the way

Try this for logo ideas

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Great video, great music to set the tone! As previous mentioned Font and Colour little bit difficult to read.

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There is no barrier at all on one side. A good standing jump from the path and you’d be across the canal and free-falling. Fortunately I manged to ignore the voices that were telling me to do that. :grimacing:

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