Pontsticill Reservoir & Spillway - Added to Lakes and Reservoirs in Wales

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene - Location # 570

Land owner permission not required.

Limted parking near to the spillway itself.

Area can get quite popular as Brecon Mountain Railway runs nearby. Also, water sports are popular on the reservoir itself.

The originator declared that this location was not in a flight restriction zone at the time of being flown. It remains the responsibility of any pilot to check for any changes before flying the same location.


Cracking picture Stuart @stubbyd

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Cheers dude - taken at the height of the summer with the reduced water levels. Normally that spillway is in full flow.

Beautifully shot!

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Snap :grinning:

Some of the reservoir in the snow of Jan 2019


Nice photos I am off to wales in April stayed at Bale any places you would Recommend where I should go to get some good shots if you know that area

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I’m going to guess you meant Bala. That’s North West Wales and whilst I love the area I don’t know it well, certainly not for drone flying. But quite a few drone shots / vids I’ve seen from Angelssey for starters.

Yes I did mean Bala ok thanks anyway will have a look

I don’t know of anywhere up North Wales either sorry.

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I will add that there are lots of lakes, etc up that way and sunset / sunrises could be stunning.

Llyn Ogwen is one I’ve been to with my camera hoping for a sunrise - easy access from the road - as it lies east / west. The sunrise didn’t happen but instead I strolled up to Llyn Idwal via the footpath to the left of the info / cafe in the car park. Took about 30m and I was totally on my own for ages…

If you have a FB account then I posted that image to my public pics page here:

Anyway, lots of rocks, hills, cliffs, ponds, lakes, etc all ripe for video and photos by drone with hardly a soul to hassle you.

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Ok thanks mate looks like I will be busy when I go in April I am there for the week hopefully will get some good shots

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stunning you have caught that area wonderfully

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