Poor Quality RAW Images

I’ve been getting to know the various camera settings on my mavic air 2 and I have twice used the option to shoot in jpeg and RAW as I gather there are more options when it comes to editing, however both the RAW images were very poor quality and no matter what I tried in photo editing I couldn’t get an image anything like the quality of the jpeg. I would appreciate any advice members can offer …I suppose first thing people will ask is post the images but it states the file is too large 50mb max…Alan

Sounds like you are only accessing the RAW’s thumbnail, and not the RAW data.

Which software, and which OS, are you using to open them?

RAW files usually have an embedded, low res, jpeg for preview purposes.

@OzoneVibe IT baffles me so I dont have a clue about thumbnails or OS …Im using my laptop which has windows 10 installed and opening them in pictures or adobe photoshop express

I doubt that either of those will read the DJI RAW format.

The free option is to install Adobe DNG Converter. This should convert the DJI RAW files to a more generic .dng format.

You should find that Photoshop Express will open the .dng files it creates.

Obviously, software that can read the DJI files directly saves this step … but many of these will not be free. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom being the main contenders.

Someone may be able to point you to free software, but I’m well out of date on what’s available that will work.

(For ages I had to use DNG Converter and used an old version of Photoshop (that wasn’t compatible with DJI RAW). It worked fine, if a nuisance.)

@OzoneVibe thanks Dave all double dutch to me …but my son has Adobe Lightroom for his photography I know he pays a monthly fee which I couldn’t justify for what I am doing but I will transfer the image onto a memory stick and ask him to view it and see if the quality is ok …that might be the answer…I will let you know how I get on …regards Alan

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That will work … if he’s on a sub he’s right up to date.

I had to bite the bullet, eventually. Not just for drone pics, but for m DSLR … after years of using the free DNG Converter route.

I’m not sure … there’s a chance that the sub allows two installations. That might be incorrect … but check, since that would allow you to install on your computer. (If he agrees to that. :LOL!)

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There’s always the DNG Converter route as a standby.

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@OzoneVibe Just text him …he pays £9.99 per month for Adobe lightroom & photoshop …hes going to check on the 2 installation details tomorrow and will view my files on his computer …thanks


Fingers crossed I’ve not got your hopes up on the two installations. :crossed_fingers:

It’s nigh on impossible for a JPEG to be better quality than a RAW, but you do have to know how to process the RAW. The JPEG has been processed in camera, so all the work is done for you, but with a RAW there is an awful lot more detail you can get out of it, as well as adjusting, exposure, colour balance etc. Do you want to post a link to the RAW on We Transfer or similar, we could have a look at it?


Look at the file properties. You should have a .jpg file of about 6-7Mb and a .dng file of just over 23 Mb.
You can use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom to edit the .dng file, but both are expensive.
If you do a Google search on “Free DNG Editors” you should find something useful.

I’ll assume you have, but just in case you haven’t:
I assume you’ve actually downloaded the RAW off the drones memory chip, and not relied on the initial image on your phone or tablet?

May times (especially with panoramic or video files), I’ve needed to ensure I go through the thumbnail previews and actually download the RAW image.

Let us know if this helps :blush:

… unless the software being used can’t read the RAW data and only reads the embedded thumbnail, the issue here, as mentioned above.

… and …

As per the OP …

So file in question is bigger than 50MB and isn’t the jpeg image on the phone/tablet.

Hi Alan, should have 2 installs with this mate. This is exactly what I do with my son’s Adobe sub. Admittedly I pay for it anyway! Hope you get sorted.

Thanks for confirming something in the deep recesses of my mind. :+1:

That will be Alan’s best/cheapest route. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have Adobe sub but I also have Affinity which is a one off purchase with free upgrades for a year and is as good as LR for editing images. Affinity works out much less expensive…Affinity Photo – Professional Image Editing Software

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Gimp software is open source and is basically like photoshop.
So try and download that for free.

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For Windows, Irfanview will handle DNG files.

In Linux I use nomacs which also handles DNG files

@Duggan yes Andrew downloaded onto my modern laptop windows 10 from the SD card …Alan