Poor video feed from MP

The video on the SD card is spot on but the feed that I’m getting through to my phone sometimes lags, freezes or breaks up.

I use a Moto G4 , connected to the bottom USB port on the controller. The video settings on the mavic are 2.7k D cinelike at 25fps.

The breaking up can happen at 2 metres or 2km.

If it’s the phone, I’ll just get a second hand one just for the drone but obviously don’t want to waste money if it’s something else…

Any ideas on what else it could be?

If it’s happening at close range it’s more likely to be the phone.

Try closing down background applications before launching GO4. I’d also try turning off video caching as that can free up a lot of resources.

I do close down all apps and free up memory using McAfee, then I put it onto Flight Mode. I’ve also turned off video caching…

Oh well, I’ll try my tablet when my tab holder arrives… and if that don’t work it’s off to CEX to get a second hand phone…

If it’s poor at close range, you can test with the tablet without waiting for the holder. You can test just sat at home in the lounge.

I will give that a go… but I actually live within a NFZ, so the controller will be screaming at me!

Me too - only stops you taking off - can still check video feed. :slight_smile:

Hi,sounds like your not the only one ! up until today,i had no problems ever with video feed,but today,when i loaded my my second battery,and took off,i have severe video lag,freezing,dropouts.footage from the sd card is fine,so must be my something to do with my i pad mini 4 ? really frustrating,as i have a job filming my friend going out of the harbour in his boat on Friday :angry: looks like i may have to cancel this,as live view is now unusable any ideas ,what may have caused this,also just as bad if not worse on my third battery,so did not bother fly the 4th battery as now awful .

I’ve narrowed it down to either the phone, or solar activity, or a combination of both.

I’ve flown in one place in the morning with no problems but later that day in the same spot is awful. I’ll keep an eye on the KP settings on UAV forecast.


If the KP was strong enough to screw the feed at a range of 2 meters, the effect on global/satellite electronics would have resulted in world wide chaos.

Please, ignore scare stories of KP Index until all the hundreds of communications satellites fail.

Even the unfounded KP Index scares related to drones is all to do with GPS, in any case … a signal strength far, far weaker than the Mavic video feed at a few kilometers distance, let alone 2 meters.

It will be a fault with the Mavic transmitter, the RC’s receiver, the cable or the phone.

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The video feed, however, it’s never higher than 1080p and 25/30fps (fps depending if set to PAL or NTSC). The settings you are recording to the SD Card don’t alter the stream resolution. (They do alter the colour depending on recording settings - but the app has compensations built in to make the stream “appear more normal” on your device.)

Have you checked the “Image Transmission Settings”?

  • Bandwidth
  • Transmission Quality
  • Normal/HD/Smooth Modes

If in doubt - reset to default.

I have mine as shipped, perhaps I changed from Normal (720p?) to HD Mode (so long ago I don’t recall the default setting), and have always had perfect streaming and caching, even from more than a couple of kilometres.
Not really sure of the furthest I’ve reached without breakup … but further than I usually range … and probably ( :wink: ) beyond VLOS.

But, honestly, since the Mavic kit works that well out of the box, without changing settings, I’d be more inclined to focus on the cable and the phone.

From personal experience, with my first (Android) phone I used briefly with my MP, which had a worn USB connector, you’ll probably have Go4 complaining about overall connection issues before you lose video “quality”. New phone, never had a connection problem since - and another reason I keep one phone as my dedicated MP device.

If the problem persists with a different phone/cable - then we’re talking about a fault within the Mavic or the RC.

If I live a lot closer - I’d be more than happy to try swapping our controllers over to see if the problem moves with the controller or the Mavic.

Let us know how things progress.

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I wouldn’t worry about KP index.

What you may find though is that temperature is playing a role.

You said it was fine in morning and worse in afternoon and that would make sense.

With phones being passive cooled when cpu temperature rises it throttles back the clock speed.

With the warm weather recently it could be cpu throttling that is causing problems. If the phone is only just powerfull enough to run GO4, even a small drop in clock speed could be problematic.

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It’s the randomness that gets me. Sometimes I can fly for miles with no problems, sometimes they kick in straight away. Maybe it’s a background app starting up. I’ll soon see and report back…

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I look forward to hearing what the cause is, when you find it.
Must be damned frustrating, I’m sure. It would certainly frustrate me!

Randomness seems more like a USB connection issue. Could be wrong, but that’s really the only place “random” can get into the system.

Check using the side connection on the RC, too.

I had to start using an official Apple Lightning cable because i was getting strange video issues… Once i stopped using the one that shipped with the Mavic everything was fine.

The issues were completely random, no causes from what i could identify. But since changing i have had 5+ hours without any issues.

I get the impression that DJI ship pretty poor quality cables

Personally not had any problem with the DJI Android cable - still using with some 30+ hours of flight time logged. (My initial phone was a villain with a faulty socket - just totally lost connection, though - not poor video.)

@suffolkfox Is on Android (Moto G4), and is using the bottom USB port on the controller, so not original DJI cable, either.

All very strange - though, as I mention above, somewhere in the connections sounds like the problem.
Hopefully he’ll find out the cause soon.

Neither Tesco or Currys PCW do a cable under 1m :laughing:

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May not be practical, long term, but won’t be a lot more than one of a sensible length … but at least you can check if it solves the issue.

Ordered from Amazon


That’s a charging only cable … no data!

Only charge pins …

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