Port St Mary - Isle of Man

My final flight of my Isle of Man trip was at Port St Mary. ToaL was from Bay View Road where there are some benches overlooking the bay. Port St Mary is in the south of the island facing the opposite direction to Port Erin, in last week’s video when facing inland you can see the other coast and this is it.

Port St Mary is easily accessed from Douglas on either the Manx Steam Railway or by the buses, both of which are wheelchair accessible.

There is a nice fish/seafood restaurant just along the road from the take off point (I have been on a previous visit) but this being a Sunday there wasn’t really anywhere open.

I look forward to visiting Isle of Man again next year.


Some great footage. And perfect weather! :+1:

However, IMO, two suggestions as constructive comments.

  • Some very basic editing would improve things dramatically. 13 mins straight from the drone - from take-off to landing - rarely holds the viewers attention, and is only really meaningful to the person that flew it … as a memory.
  • The gimbal tilts down. Beautiful sky … but the top half being only “beautiful sky” all the way through means you are missing so much of what would be far more interesting … what’s below. Tilting as far as keeping the sky to around 1/4 (or less) for most of the video would be huge improvement.
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Hi and thanks for your constructive comments.

Comment 1: Yes, I realise this is the way to go, but at the moment my laptop doesn’t have the capability, trying DaVinci Resolve it loads and as soon as you try to do anything it just crashes. VideoPad that I use manages to ‘glue’ the separate parts the m3p creates together but anything more complicated and it just hangs… Funds are being put aside for the purchase of an iPad for editing purposes, hope to have by Christmas ready for trips in the Spring onwards. :smiley:

Comment 2: I have come to this conclusion myself and will be implemented with my next videos. A videographer acquaintance (not a drone using one) gave me some advice which included ‘always keep the camera level’. :laughing:

This is all fairly new to me, only 20 flights logged, and I am learning from advice given. Now if only therre was some way to guarantee perfect weather!

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As in - keep the horizon level, probably, rather than mid-frame. :wink:

Admittedly I’ve only ever used it once (almost 6 years ago), but basic edits can be done in the DJI app.
I’ve also used the GoPro Quick app (it’s free).

I have a GoPro camera and tried that before VideoPad to combine the different parts, it wouldn’t recognise the M3P video files, didn’t open them.

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I love days like that for flying! Being by the coast makes it even better👍.
Nice footage :+1: