Portchester Castle Hampshire

Portchester Castle in Hampshire, footage taken with my DJI Mini 2, forgot to put filter on, but still happy with results.


Lovely footage, flown there once or twice myself!

Thanks, kept outside the boundary of the grounds so not to upset the NT. but still happy with what I managed to come away with.

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Looks awesome. Can i ask what editing software you use as i would love my footage to be this professional

Thank you, I use the cyberlink director 365. It’s easy to use and to navigate around, but I’m not sure it’s the best, others on here might use better. I have it on a monthly purchase, so if something better comes along I can move on to that. Hope this helps.:+1:

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Thanks buddy its a minefield. Most just frazzle my brain work just how complicated they look. And then charge monthly which is a proper con imo…

You can purchase the cyberlink director instead of paying monthly. Also the reason I use this is because a guy on YouTube did a review on it and showed how easy it was to use. 51 Drones is his channel, check it if you can it might be of use to you.

Brilliant thank you. I don’t suppose you have ca link to his channel on this do you

I’ll have a look


Hi try this link, let me know if it works.

Worked perfectly thank you. :blush: