Portugal Pano

Above our rental villa, Albufeira Bullring the most obvious building.


Hanger360 really does do the best 360s.
iOS only … grrrr!

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@JayForceOne … as I was saying on that other thread. :wink:

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It really is the only way to go, Ive tried lots of other options, even stitching the photos hangar takes.

The only issue i have is the grey area of who owns the photo once they have it ;o(

Yup. Agreed.
Even with Hanger I’d still take a native MP pano, too.
Need too find a back door into Hanger … :wink:

Brilliant result, just shows what can be done!

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must have this…not mavic air friendly yet

So I looked at the Hangar App and if I am reading it right does this mean I would have to fly the drone on the Hanger app?

That’ll be one for @milkmanchris … not being iOS, I’ve yet to get my hands on it. :slight_smile:

Yes you have to fly on Hangar, it wont play nice either with GO4, its gotta be open on its own.

But I’ve never had any issues flying with Hangar, RTH and all the safety build ins seem to work OK.

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THis is from Hangar reference working with NEW Mavic Air

Hi Barry,

I will definitely keep you informed. By end of day I will be touching base with our CTO, Jim McAndrew, who should be able to shed some light on the timeline.


When I was running iOS I used to fly using GO4 out to the point I wanted to be at, quit the GO4 app, launch Hangar360 and it’d do the rest. Then I’d close Hangar, re-open GO4 and fly home :+1:

I know!!! If ever they make a droid version that runs on the CrystalSky, my life will be complete :heart_eyes:

Did you see @Davo_101’s post earlier re the release of the Mavic Air SDK??

Excellent news!!

It’ll mean Litchi, Hanger, etc will all be compatible soon!

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… people will be killed in the rush to get it.



Wanting to see what the Hangar 360 fuss was all about I’ve downloaded on my Ipad.

On start up I’m greeted straight away by a message only to use up to date aircraft and RC firmware. Is this a must?

Anyone using with an older firmware? Specifically 04.0100?

Can’t help, being Android.
You could always try in the garden … ?
That’s how I checked my weird combo of versions was still doing panos.
Mind - at 3ft off the deck, I can’t pretend the outcome was “picturesque”.
Actually … since I’m still midway through a (ridiculously) slow house renovation, and the garden is a builders yard, only a photo at midnight would be picturesque. I should do one … from higher. :wink:

Once again, Hanger 360 has me contemplating getting an iOS device …
//burns credit cards//

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It might just be the only benefit to IOS at the moment.

Ill try it out tomorrow on the modded .0100

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It’s the first and only thing that’s ever made me contemplate moving to dark side! :stuck_out_tongue:

If it helps anyone I’m running .100 with the ‘offending modules’ removed.

I did have problems trying to run the latest Hangar 360 on .700 hence the ‘upgrade’

Hope this helps, flying home tomorrow if anyone needs any further help PM me or add to this thread and I’ll get back to you Sunday onwards

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