Practicing orbits at red House park Walsall

Hi all… just trying out the DJI fly editor for the first time in 2.7 K whilst I look for a nice capable but bloody expensive laptop :cry: :cry: I’ve only got around 5 hours on the clock with drone flying …a beginner practicing A2CofC too …been practicing some orbits with the mini 2 at red house park walsall B,ham , only low n slow really as yet… until I to get the courage to go higher up lol… :nauseated_face: ''Im not scared of crashing … I’m scared of heights lol …here’s the youtube link for my fist upload .


You’re the wrong side of the Beacon to be in Walsall, you’re in the Sandwell area there, more West Brom.
Come on down the Arboretum one day, at least the seagulls are more friendly!!


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Hi …Oh arr lol … well I dain’t know that … :confused: yes i might do that … its not far from me , good idea… thanks.

Well ar!

Barr Beacon is good for orbits too! :slight_smile:

(didn’t notice my gimbal was off until after, and now I’ve told you, you won’t be able to unsee it)


wow ! its a great vid though and lovely location :clap: I wish I could go that high lol , maybe one day … :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Keep practising. I’d argue it’s safer higher up than it is being low! Less chance of hitting stuff!

Haha yes it is ! , it just feels like I’m sitting on the drone lol :nauseated_face:, I’m really hoping it will pass soon … like it does with driving a car on the motorway when your’e a learner driver :oncoming_automobile: