Pre-Flight Check App - Is there one?

Hi everyone, I’m an in-frequent drone pilot and wonder if there’s some sort of online ‘pre-flight’ check app? I’d find it useful if, before I take off, if there was an online app (tick boxes maybe) that would remind me & record my responses of all I should check. Perhaps when completed/recorded could be viewed or printed later in the event of an incident.

Sorry if this has been asked before! I did a search but didn’t find anything.

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I use a free Android app called Check Off. It works well for me. I just need to make sure I have covered anything i.e. I don’t need to keep the history for each flight. I just reset before I am going to fly and then go through everything. You create the checklist yourself and then re-use it every time. You can group items into sections with a different colour for each section.

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thankyou kind sir…
I bin looking for something like this for ages… :+1: :+1:

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Drone Scene is still accepting feature requests from GADC members :blush:


If you’re on iOS then Drone Start is an option - after a Drone Scene feature request - of course :+1:


yes please, that would be excellent. how dose one put in the request officially, and who to.??

I use Drone Flight Checklist Pro, Android.

Still forget things #age

Didn’t there used to be one for the Mavic Pro on here that could be modified? I’ve got one that I had from somewhere.

@Hotrodspike I think @Stitch-Up was looking specifically for something interactive, rather than PDF-based.

Ideally an interactive app on my android that I use for DJI Fly. Would also help as an aide memoire for my 70 year old brain!!!

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Hi here’s a over one

I just downloaded this and will check it out - first sight, seems simple enough :slight_smile:


Been looking for an app like this as its another safety feature and precaution which is always good, now I just need the raining to stop to be able to get out and use my drone.

This is a great app if your on Iphone, Thunder Drone Checklist on the App Store

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Thanks Andrew, I’m always impulsive and paid for Drone Flight Checklist Pro :slight_smile: I don’t have an iPhone anyway!