Premission to fly in Spain

Does anyone have information regarding permission to fly in Spain. Not just in one region but all over Spain…

Or does anyone have any links that could lead me to the information, I would appreciate it if anyone could help.

Hi Barry
Is this helpful?


That seems too good to be true, wonder if i can get away with taking mine lol

Nice find :+1:

I’d suggest looking at this…

The Spanish authorities do fine people, especially in National Parks


Hi Lee

Thanks mate thats a great help, Ill have a good read through it later.

I flew my MP around San Sebastián, Bermeo and Gaztelugatxe without any problems. Did get approached by some life guards who said they didn’t have a problem but a license or registration may be required (they weren’t sure) so advised us to stay away from the authorities.

Saw two others with MPs as well.

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Also, someone posted some interesting notes on Fuerteventura : Taking a Mavic to Fuerteventura : and whilst some info is more specific, some is generic Spain info.

Hi Tassy
thanks for the information Its very helpful to hear your comments.

Hi Lee,
I see you can be fine up to 225,000 euros…so I will have to get my act together before I commit to filming in Spain. Thanks again for the info Its very helpful.

Hi all,

I’ve just booked a week in Fuerteventura, I’m planning on taking the mantis Q with me.

Has anyone got any experience flying in Spain?

Is there any restrictions I should know about?

Moved your post to a pre-existing thread on Spain.

Also, this thread : Taking a Mavic to Fuerteventura