Taking a Mavic to Fuerteventura


I have been asked to write a few words on my experience of taking my drone / quadcopter / UAV / flying camera thingy on holiday to Fuerteventura – so here goes.

First of all I checked on the current regulations for flying these things in Spain. They are a lot more relaxed about it than we are in this country & basically just regard them as another form of R/C model aeroplane. Link: Flying drones in Spain

The next thing that I checked was a map of NFZs on the island itself. As you would expect, there is a large one around the international airport, then a couple of smaller ones dotted around the island, which I believe are related to military installations. Link: NFZs on Fuerteventura

Just prior to the flight I discharged all of the batteries to 10% / 15% charge. I left one in the Mavic, which went in the checked in baggage together with all of the accessories. The other two were in a Lipo bag, which I had in my hand baggage. At Manchester security I removed them from the bag & placed them in the tray, fully expecting to be questioned about them. They didn’t even get a second glance from the security staff, so I guess that they must be getting used to seeing them now.

And it was exactly the same coming back – hassle free, & no issues with security at either end.

I saw several Mavics in use whilst there – most being flown sensibly, some not. What I didn’t witness however was any form of “anti-drone” behaviour, the drones, & their pilots were simply ignored & left alone to get on with their flying.

A word of caution however, Fuerteventura is called “Strong Wind” for a reason - we had several days when the wind speed made flying completely impossible. I did hear of one Mavic pilot whilst I was out there who tried flying in the wind - he lost control, crashed off the rocks, & the drone ended up in the sea. No sympathy - it could just as easily have been a young child that he crashed into.

As some of you already know, my MP1 went “technical” half way through the holiday, which was incredibly frustrating. On my return it was despatched to the “Drone Doctors” who confirmed that a “cascading firmware error” was the culprit. Working, then intermittent failures, then total failure over the course of a few days. Good to know that it wasn’t an expensive hardware error, but annoying none the less.

So now I need to find some time to edit the few bits of video that I did manage to capture – and that’s another learning curve!

Drone laws in Spain/ibiza?

Thanks for that informative update, Bernie.

Shame the MP went “technical” … but at least you have a good reason to head back there for another holiday. :wink:


Thanks Bernie, always good to get peoples real time flying experience of other countries.


Thanks Bernie
Looking forward to the footage


Thanks from here as well @northernlights53 as will be planning on taking my Air to Mallorca this year


Excellent, thanks. I’m off to Lanzarote on Saturday so that was really helpful


Be careful on Lanzarote, they are very itchy about drones, and as it is a small island with shit loads of NFZs and a National Park (Timanfaya) (def a no go area!)
The only place you will be able to fly is right down the bottom SW of the island (Playa Blanca).
I did not even bother when i went !!


Fortunately, that’s exactly where I’ll be…


Fill ya boots Lee !


@leeheyes You should be ok this time of year the only time when i lived there that they enforced anything is when they need money for fireworks or a fiesta
Then they would be out nicking people for seat belts and other on spot fines
Papagaya is a nice piece of coast to fly along thats playa blanca end ,fly over salt farm at salinas de janubio if you get the right light the colours are great ,go down to the north of the island along by jameos del agua and la caleta the beaches along there are normally empty white sand with rock pools make for some nice low level flight cant see anyone bothering you along there as Chris says stay away from timafaya oh and if you go look at the green lagoon in el golfo do go round into the village and have lunch in the restaurants along the front paella is really nice local rabbit :ok_hand:


I like to YT search a place before I go for ideas

Lots of Lanzarote drone videos on YouTube…


Wish I had stayed out there worse thing I done coming back to the cold rat race


Try doing it after four years in the Caribbean. Now that sucks. Been back 19 years and still miss it


What brought you back ?


It felt like the right time. I’d done my youthful farting around, met my now wife and was ready to - in the words of many - "get a proper job*.


ahh a woman thats why I ended up back here thing is I had a good business over there and a nice villa she didn’t want to live there so i came back here :woozy_face::sob:


A pattern seems to be emerging


Hope not because i am not with her anymore cost me a :house_with_garden: and I sold the villa :crazy_face:


It’s like Rod Stewart once said about marriage… “I may as well just find a woman I don’t like and buy her a house”


It’s being so cheerful that keeps you going…