Pressing the "go fly" button on DJI RC controller returns me to the camera view

Hi all
When flying my mini 3 pro, the screen on the controller often shows the “go fly” screen. I tap the button and it’s straight back to camera view. Has anybody else had this? Or am I touching somewhere on the screen whilst flying to return it to the “go fly” screen. The first time it did it I was concerned that I had lost the signal, but I hadn’t. Just annoying.

it’s possible your left thumb is inadvertently touching the tiny arrow on the top left of the screen, which would take you to the previous page.

@cameraguy_UK That makes sense. I tend to hold the stick between my thumb and forefinger, so the lower part of my thumb could touch the top left corner of the screen.

I’ve done it myself a couple of times - really baffled me the first time!

I’ve experienced exactly the same issue, and I’m certain that I haven’t touched anything on the screen that I shouldn’t have done. It’s rather annoying.