Princes street Gardens Edinburgh Scotland

just back from princes st gardens seagulls are a nightmare, no video due to seagulls, so just some photos .
Princess St Gardens Edinburgh Scotland . Mini 3 pro


Nicely done john :clap: :+1: :ok_hand:

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Nice pics John :+1: Never seen Edinburgh look so quiet.

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It was 21:30 Park closes at 21:00 sun had or was about to set.seagulls where a nightmare hence no video

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Nice set of photos even if you arse cheeks were twitching with the seagulls :+1:

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Not bad photos for a low light and small sensor.hate fly rats

Nice photos, I am currently in Edinburgh.
We’re seagulls going after your drone ?
I have not had any issues with them while filming around Edinburgh

In the gardens they are

Seagulls appear to be worse this year, at least here in Gourock.

Tried to fly at a local favourite spot on the shores of the Clyde and couldn’t get any video footage as the drone (Pro2) was being mobbed. I had to land it and then I was attacked by swooping gulls.

Two days later at a different location it was a similar story.

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i have noticed they are really bad this year, i did think it was just me glad to know its not cheers

it was getting that bad the drone was like a yo yo, send it up quick photo then back down again and when i say up 20 feet or so .

Same thing happened to me. We were filming a wedding at Brisbane House Hotel in Largs a couple of weeks ago, which is right on the seafront. Had to land the Mini 3 after a few minutes as the seagulls went crazy. There were none one minute then one appeared and starting making a racket then about 20 of his mates turned up, some even swooping down on us.

This is the groom getting out of a car as the first gull appeared.


flying rat. there numbers need reduced

Stay away from the gardens lol

Humans are the problem, their numbers need reducing imo :rofl:

As an aside, Edinburgh is a no go drone zone for the next few weeks, military tattoo stuff, lasers, fireworks, flybys etc

Active: Thursday, August 4, 2022 5:00:00 PM until Saturday, August 27, 2022 10:30:00 PM (UTC).