Printing and selling how much to charge and how to print them?

I have been asked today if I will sell one of my pictures as a print. A4 size.

I haven’t a clue when it comes to either pricing or where to get a quality print. I thought I would ask here before researching in case any of you knew of anywhere you could recommend if that’s allowed.
Thank you.

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I used to use DS Colorlabs they had a good site that if you uploaded a photo it would tell you if quality as in megapixels were within their parameters so you’d know you’d get a good print rather than them just printing anything you sent them. I say used to as I don’t get anything printed these days,


Check out and Two of the top professional photo labs in the UK. I use both for my work and can highly recommend them.


Thank you @Adamski22

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Thank you @Drumsagard very much appreciated.

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I use DS Colourlabs for all my stills printing, very good service.

This is a difficult one… I used to be a professional photographer and started off purely amateur and priced things as I was buying myself… i.e. cheap.

I can only ask that you define the audience.

1: Are you selling to a friend, work colleague or stranger (to you)

  1. Will you get repeat sales (a danger of setting an initally too low sale price that is difficult to overcome later.

  2. Do you intend to start a business -even limited in scope? (see question 2)

other have indicated the ‘where to get printed’ :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Grazuncle thank you for your reply.

I put some local pictures on a FB page and two people have asked me to sell some to them.

I do not know these people.

Me being me probably wouldn’t think of charging but I like a lot of people wouldn’t say no to some extra money.

I hadn’t considered any of the points you make really and they are all very valid and would help determine a price I guess.

So I think until I really consider those points I would have to consider this a one off.