Probably the most dangerous YouTube advice video

Probably the most dangerous YouTube advice video I’ve ever seen. What do you think?

Lucky not to get flattened by a car while concentrating on the drone rather than riding his bike !

Then there’s the proximity of trees, elevated signs, overhead cables…guy’s a pillock :confused:


If he did get flattened by a car it would make the video more exciting. If he did get knocked down who would he blame the poor driver, to be honest the driver would be doing genuine drone flyers a favour, same goes for auditors, Lets go to somewhere masked up and fly a drone, lets face it there videos are crap. I wonder if they went somewhere and the people are like yeah fine fly, will the post it nope. These are the people who are making drone flying being hard and hard regulated. They are to blame, sorry of topic


Why does the expression “Darwin Awards” immediately come into my mind ?

Wow!!! I think he deserves to get flattened by a ton of metal, fekin crazy!
I’m sure there is a video of someone doing similar, their drone got smashed by a big bus? I’ll need to see if I can find it now

i think he’s a pleb I’m amazed he worked out how to even extend the legs on it
imagine him on UK roads lol

i think thats an interesting topic.

Take the drone out of the equation and he’d still be a danger to traffic and pedestrians on a static exercise bike. The eyes are open and the mouth is moving, but the hamster at the controls died long ago.

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30% battery before he started. I kind of wish the battery drained and it went ‘home’…

yes home being 200 yards behind him & under a truck lolo

I have seen quite a few drone videos taken in towns. I thought it was illegal to fly in areas of mass population…

This guy is nuts ……
Trying to ride a bike one handed while trying to be responsible for a drone ….he needs educated !

Thinking outside the box ,say he stops at a red traffic light but the drone flys on and hits a vehicle
He’s well and truly up sh… creak without a paddle

Not if the drone is less than 250g …. You can fly them pretty much anywhere
Have a look at Good to Go for more info

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