Problems with Pano Stitching

Hi folks
Having some issues with the panos my M2P is stitching together. Is just because it was a bit windy on both days or perhaps something else?

Are these being stitched by the GO4 app?


Have you tried another stitcher ?

In the M2 it’s stitched onboard the drone, not by the app.

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Are these the hi-res stitched pano images from the SD card or the ones on your device?

They look like the ones the MA produces

Off the SD card… It’s what the software creates

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Then something does seem to be a little wayward. No idea how to tell what the problem is.

Not an ideal solution, but could be worth seeing what a stitcher app like ICE can do with the 34 (on the MP - same on M2?) individual images it will have for each pano.

You images look a little “thin”, too … not sure if there’s a setting or two incorrect?

thanks guys - I’m going to have to have a play… compare Litchi with M2P. I suspect there could be some settings awry but most likely, the wind and clouds are causing too many changes in the scenery and the default DJI app is struggling to blend properly. Hovering over a pool in Tenerife sounds like the best approach :wink:

The results I’ve seen from other M2 P/Z have been really impressive with their results.

Several excellent examples in this category.

The app isn’t doing the stitching - it’s the onboard firmware that does the stitching.

At those kinds of heights, movement in the wind won’t be an issue, in my experience.

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So what’s wrong?

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Did you have a filter on when taking these panos?

The colours seem very strange compared to all other M2P images I have seen.

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Specifically what’s wrong isn’t really possible to say.

I’ve looked back through all your posts of images/videos, and I think either I or someone else commented on an apparent unusual colour cast in one of your earlier ones. To me, that colour cast continues to be present … as if a high ISO is in use? … and even more so in those panos. They also look a little overexposed. :man_shrugging: So, difficult to tell what is wrong, but rather easy to suggest something is wrong.

If it were mine, and I was getting those results without being able to fathom the cause, I’d do a complete reset on everything on the drone (I’ve never needed to use it, but I believe there is a factory reset type option in Go4), and try another pano.

Leave everything on auto, don’t use any filters. Just everything default … after all, that’s how DJI designed it to be used.

If it’s still weird after that, I’d be sending it back to DJI.

Best help I can offer, from a distance, I’m afraid.

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Thanks…I’ll have a play :+1:

These are the filters I’m using

Freewell Limited Edition - 4K…

For stills I never use filters … except the rare times a polarizer is needed for reducing reflections, or the even rarer times I want a longer exposure to force some blur in movement … water in a waterfall, for example.

Fundamentally, you get the best colour renditions and minimum noise with a low ISO, and for sharpest images you want the fastest shutter speed (and with the M2P the smallest aperture … but at height/distance this isn’t important).
For those parameters you want to let as much light in as possible. Hence why I never use ND filters for the average/majority of pics.

Videos, is a slightly different situation … but, for the moment, for stills and panos, I’ll leave my thoughts there.

Me too.

No point what so ever (edit to add maybe for running water)

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I think that the most obvious think it’s to do with the settings somehow.
Is the gimbal functioning ok?
I remember reading one of your previous and recent posts that when flying in the high wind you had the gimbal moved by the wind.

I hope that a reset will solve it anyway

From the Zoom, rather than the Pro, but this pano : Kuula panos from Iceland : gives you and idea what you should be getting direct from the M2 (granted, if you go to Iceland. :wink: )… since both do the same thing in pano mode. Everything on them is the same other than the camera … and both are excellent.

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