Prop guards for those moments

For those oh shit moments I have bought some prop guards of eBay see link at the bottom of the post
I have bought them mainly for when I have “paid work” to assist me not looking unprofessional…make of that what you will
@mickydd ask for me to show them off on the Mavic so here they are
What I like most is the ease of install takes a couple of minutes to put on and the extra landing gear length especially useful when on say a path or long grass (saves that lawn mower effect)
And most importantly quite cheap


Looking good and a cheap price.
Let us know once you have tested them, as soon as the weather improves.

Will do @mickydd

Those look pretty good.

Ideal if you get an inside job as well.

@callum for the price they clip on really well and the landing gear is great

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Only thing I’d be carefull with is the back arms.

Because landing forces are transferred through the arms instead of the body, a particularly hard landing could damage limit stops.

Shouldn’t be an issue though if your carefull.

Might get a set for M2P if they do them yet.

I like the landing gear part of those!

Do they make those legs separately?

No they are attached on a cam with a securing clip in case you don’t use them
Have yet to fly with them due to the weather
And NO I am not going to fly indoors for you comedic benefits as in crashing and the bosses face when I break something…

How different is the arms of the MP2 to the mavic Pro ? @callum

The clamp that goes round the arm is quite close to the prop tbh (midges doodah) springs to mind

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M2P arms are similar but have larger diameter motors and the arms are more rounded.

I am sure there will be a new updated version for the Mavic pro 2 should be a simple mod of the design I would think if they haven’t already done so

I just bought a set of these. Seem well made as the OP says. Haven’t flown with them yet, though. Have to say I am mildly concerned at the potential impact on flight performance, battery life etc, as they add another 4oz to the weight. Any views on this?

Not to bad to be honest done a couple of flights now with them on
But after a flight yesterday they could cause instability in high winds but need to try further on a windy day

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A couple of points to remember when flying with prop guards.

  1. The aircraft is much more susceptible to wind, the flying characteristics feel totally different.
  2. Don’t forget to go into the controller menu and click ‘flying with prop guards’.
    I have a pair for the original MP but could never get used to them because of the effect of the wind, especially at higher altitudes, but they do make the aircraft more visible and would be handy to avoid those ‘oops’ moments.