Proposed Concrete Sleeper Factory

There is a big stink on in our area at the moment with a proposed concrete sleeper factory proposed to be built not too far from residential properties, schools etc.

Amazing support from the residents in the last week have amassed almost 2000 signatures to try and block this from being built on the below area next to the railway sidings


I’m sorry my initial idea is causing you so much grief. :frowning:

But keep up the good work! :+1:


Is that the wonderful M6 carpark i see in the background

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Haha it is indeed the dreaded M6 right by the M5 junction - Always fun if you want to go for a picnic


That M5/M6 junction is unbelievable at the moment!

Only yesterday I went down to Evesham, but I went the long way round via M6/Toll/M42 and to be honest, although it was a further distance it was probably a damned sight quicker :rofl:

Great pano, I’m loving this stuff!! :+1:

Ps. Sorry they want to build a factory there though :frowning:

Good job you avoided it yesterday, there was a bad accident northbound and they closed the junction for ages

Me too … quite evidently. LOL!

Now I’m in a conundrum … to roll back firmware (for … personal … reasons) or stick with panoramas.

If only one could just flick a switch the firmware version … :confused:

Could you not just use Hangar360 and stay on old firmware?

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Nope. Android, here! :wink:
I’ll just have to get clever at panning/tilting/clicking … LOL!

Lol I know of this land. They looked at putting turbines there! We said no.

They always dump shit on us tbh.

Dropped a massive Lidl warehouse on us last year - Don’t know how they snuck that in. The noise from the building of it over 12 months was horrendous, ground pounding early and late.

This time we were forewarned, they don’t stand a chance.