Qinux K8 Controller

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Controller: Does anyone know if a better controller is available for the K8? Unless I am being particularly dumb, I can’t see how the phone cradle on the supplied controller actually holds a phone. And, like many of you have said, the paper manual and the online manual are really quite useless. It is really annoying that companies are prepared to put out such shoddy user manuals and that alonbe is almost grounds for sending the drone back.

Sorry, no.

Unfortunately, this is typical of a cheap drone.

I strongly advise you to cut your losses, return the drone, and invest in something like a DJI Mini 2 or DJI Mini SE. Everything works out of the box, quality and support is first class, and you have none of the headaches that you are currently facing.

Thanks and I agree. It is a shame we have to do that but I have already set things in motion for a replacement. Thanks Clinkadink.


Can I add the DJI Mini 4K to that list?

It’s an incredible drone for £269, nothing in this price bracket even comes close.

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Thank you PingStrike. That is worth looking at.
I appreciate your help