Quadspy Mavic Zoom Drone 2

Does anyone know anything about these Quadspy Mavic Zoom Drone 2? see

I’ve seen several ads for them now but the price is so silly I’ve done nothing about them.

And should probably stay that way too :slight_smile:

Main discussion on various clones over here:

Based on the phone number they’ll also be able to:

Renew your washing machine insurance.
Prevent you from having your internet switched off.
Provide you with a discounted Amazon renewal.
Refund you on a transaction you never made in exchange for gift cards.

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Makes you wonder how they get their adds excepted. Ah money, silly me.

Not forgetting they could also ask you for help with their inheritance of £10,000,000

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Google their phone number (+447488 863857), they also sell rather fashionable Nordic Socks! :socks: