Question on DJI Go4 and Mavic Air


Hi Everyone,

When I went to fly today I tried to turn on the collision avoidance, but got a message saying it wasn’t available. Drone was turned on, paired with the controller, and GPS ready. Have I forgotten to turn something on in the app ??

Second question - where can I see what winds the Air was experiencing aloft ? I seem to recall from another post that it was available. I’ve uploaded into Phantom Help but can’t find this particular parameter.



If the air is anything like the M2, collision avoidance is disabled when flying in wind and aircraft pitch reaches a set angle.


If you were in Sport Mode, because of the wind, that also would disable collision avoidance.


Thanks, was not in sport mode, and this was when it was on the ground and then in a 4 ft hover. Would that still cause it to not activate ?


I don’t own the air but on M2, even in a 4ft hover, if the wind is pitching your aircraft in any direction you get a message saying “Attitude to large - Obstacle avoidance disabled”

It shouldn’t do it on ground. Was it dark or low light by any chance?


No, it wasn’t. It didn’t give the disabled message, just said it wasn’t available. I should have taken a screenshot of the message


Was there any grass or a wall nearby? Essentially something that would have been in obstacle avoiding range?


Nope, nothing. I can’t understand it


Are you referring to the APAS?
This setting will approach an obstacle and try and go around it. The option for this is on the main screen.

The default obstacle avoidance will fly to around 6ft (If I remember correctly) and then stop in its tracks and hover


Yep, I went to turn it on (left side of screen) and it said it wasn’t available


Try going higher. I think you may be a touch low.


Make sure there aren’t any obstacles in front or behind before turning it on. Be careful if heading towards trees, it will see the larger branches but may not see the smaller ones


Thanks guys, will try and fly tomorrow, and will report back.



Have you recently done a firmware upgrade ? Have you tried it using a diff phone ie: Android to (iPhone iPad ) or vice versa
Also you can calibrate the sensors never done that tho


I don’t think APAS is available on the Air, only the pro2 and zoom


It is


Thanks for letting me know. There are certain times when APAS isn’t available, Ill have a look on mine and get back with an answer.


Can’t see the advanced pilot assistance system (APAS) listed in the Mavic air at all.


Quote from the Heliguys Site

Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS)

APAS is a brand new system incorporated in the Mavic Air to help pilots fly. Whilst the pilot moves the aircraft forwards or backwards with the controller, APAS detects and avoids upcoming obstacles by flying around or over them.

This is achieved by using all of the Mavic Air’s sensors and the application of flight path calculations to detect a clear flight path for the Mavic Air. If a clear path cannot be detected, the drone will hover in place until further instruction is given. If the Mavic Air has stopped, you won’t be able to fly any closer to the obstacle whilst still in the mode.

APAS works when flying forwards or backwards, giving users more freedom with their flight whilst removing the worry of a potential crash.
APAS is a useful system for new pilots and advanced pilots flying in complex environments such as woodland areas. APAS is available for all Mavic Air users but may not come as standard in the Mavic Air’s menu in the DJI GO 4 app. If not available, you must be select the option under the advanced menu options. Once enabled, the option will appear on the left side of the menu as seen below:


Please Note – In order to use APAS, the Mavic Air must be used with a dedicated remote controller.

This feature is a valued addition to a drone aimed at the consumer level. It can help new pilots learn how to fly and build confidence until the controls become second nature.
From testing out APAS in action, it’s worth noting that it is hypersensitive to obstacles and may stop the Mavic Air from moving even if you think you’re free from danger. This may be a hindrance to some shots but you can have peace of mind that your flight will be incident free. This is especially beneficial for pilots learning how to fly, especially around obstacles.


Cheers, it must be a fairly new update. It’s not even listed in the manual for the air.