Question or should I say help

Good evening all.

I have just received the prop adaptors for the DJI FPV which will allow me to use m5 props on my drone.

I do believe that the prop size would be 5 ½ inches (:man_shrugging:) but I also know I am entering into a minefield.

I have no idea as to which props I would need or even which are good or bad. So I am asking for advice on the community.

Thanks in advance.


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From what I’ve seen of the adaptor you need to keep the prop characteristic as close to the original DJI props as possible due to the lack of pid tuning of the drone itself. Obviously I haven’t got the drone so I haven’t done much research into what the prop characteristics of the original DJI props are so I can’t help on that front but should point you into the right direction for your own research :+1:t2:

Thanks @DeanoG60 i honestly have no idea.

I’ll do some digging.

Thanks again.

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There’ll be plenty of props to try at

Just done a bit of digging myself and it seems 5140 props seem to be a good choice. Have a word with @Howard78 as the Nazgul5 props are 5140 :ok_hand:t2: lol


got some spares @speatuk. more than welcome to give them a try mate