Questions about the NOTAM layer

Having just discovered Drone Scene shows NOTAMs… do I have to turn off the other layers if I want to see NOTAMS that are over the top of Danger Areas… for example… EG D009B is a danger area that shows up red on DS when I have the Airspace Restrictions layer turned on. If there is a NOTAM that is for that danger area will I see it or will the red layer cover up the NOTAM?

In other words, with both layers active will I see both the danger area and the NOTAM?

Check out my test flight from the school field today at 1100hrs

What should I be seeing there?

The flight report I just logged in your danger area

@anon57276961 rather than take @Brian.I ’s intro thread too far off topic your question and related answers have been moved to a thread of their own.

It is great that the flight reports on Drone Scene show up inside danger areas but my question isn’t really about that… it is whether I would see a NOTAM that is activating a danger area?

The point I am trying to establish is would we see an activation of a danger area that is activated only by NOTAM… as that extension to EG D009B is?

If a NOTAM is posted (like mine) then yes you will see said NOTAM (like mine)

Easiest way in Drone Scene is to turn all layers off except the two you want - NOTAM & Danger Zone - then turn them on and off in turn to see if it gives you the info you want :man_shrugging: :+1:


OK, you you have posted a NOTAM through the NATS system have you? Not arguing here… just trying to understand what you have done. So if I search on the NATS NOTAM system will your flight show up?

I think Flight Reports and NOTAMs are getting confused / mixed up here.

Chris has posted a Flight Report to Altitude Angel (using Drone Scene) so his Flight Report will be visible on any app or platform that consumes Altitude Angel data.

I don’t think Chris submitted a NOTAM to NATS.

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Historically, the old NATS app was also powered by Altitude Angel but NATS pulled the plug a year or two back, so the systems / “things” are quite separate now.

Yes, I agree… what Chris did is great but it isn’t what I was asking.

I still don’t have the answer I am afraid - sorry!

So, my question is… if a danger area that is only active by NOTAM, such as that extension to EG D009B at Wembury, will I see the NOTAM on Drone Scene at the same time as I see the danger area itself or will I have to turn off the danger area layer to see the NOTAM?

I know I can probably just turn off the danger area layer but ideal I don’t want to keep turning layers on and off all the time if I don’t need to.

Then Drone Scene isn’t the platform for you.

LOL! It isn’t about what is or is not for me… it is about me understanding what happens so I can use it effectively. Drone Scene is definitely a great way to get info on where we can fly but I want to know if it shows active NOTAMs on danger areas. That is all. It isn’t a strange thing to ask is it?

If it does then great… if it doesn’t then what is the best way to get NOTAM info on when the danger area is active.

I am sorry that this seems to be a difficult question to answer… it isn’t a complaint, or a criticism, or anything… just after some help to understand how it works.

Someone recommended this earlier:


Come on Paul, for the amount of time you’ve spent posting in this thread this morning you could have tried and tested it to death by now :slight_smile:

The intermittent danger areas don’t appear and disappear with the NOTAMS so no you can’t turn off the intermittent airspace layer

Take a look at PENDINE (EG D117) which is active currently via NOTAM, if you turn off intermittent airspace it does not keep showing despite it currently being active.

As great as dronescene is for many things, for stuff like this I tend to cross-check with notaminfo which while not as pretty shows the plain activated notams

Sincerely, please, just try it? You’d find out in about 10 seconds :man_shrugging:t2:

Why is everyone so reluctant to give me a straight answer… I ask for help and no one wants to give me any.

Just how can I try what I am asking? I would need to somehow enter a NOTAM into NATS that activates that danger area. This is not something I can test or I would have just tried it out!!!

How can I try it if the daner area is not currently NOTAMed as active?

See example above which is from a danger zone with a currently active NOTAM

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